(1947 - 2016)


(Created on 11/01/2016)

  • David Bowie dies of cancer aged 69 - Article + Photos + Videos - 11 January 2016
    "Tributes have been paid from around the world to the "extraordinary artist" whose last album was released days ago."

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  • Bowie the film star: imaginative, daring and endlessly charismatic - Article + Photos + Videos
    "David Bowie’s many forays into film expressed the same searching spirit as his music, and his presence filled the screen."


  • David Bowie dies aged 69 - 12 January 2016

  • Remembering David Bowie - Text + Audio + Video - 15 January 2016
    "​Bowie was famous for more than just music. He was an early gender-bender in his style of dress.
    And he was a famous experimenter with musical styles as well.
    He was one of the creators of glam rock, and mixed it with hard rock, dance, pop, soul and punk."


  • Six decades of David Bowie
    "When David Bowie sang "he's chameleon, comedian, Corinthian and caricature" on his 1971 song The Bewlay Brothers
    he could easily have been singing about himself."


  • David Bowie to have 'private ceremony' - 14 January 2016
    "David Bowie's family have said they are "overwhelmed" by the global tributes that have been paid to the singer since his death."