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(Updated on 10/10/2013)


  • Facial Recognition Alerts Stores When A Celeb Walks In - 23 July 2013
    "NPR reports that the system is made up of a database of pictures of possible VIPs, specifically "celebrities and valued customers."
    When customers walk in, their faces are scanned with what sounds like a camera...
    Those measurements are then compared with the database of VIPs, and if a match is found, it'll send an alert to the store, along with some details like size and shopping history."



  • Nose scanning techniques could sniff out criminals - 2 March 2010
    "We already have iris and fingerprint scanning but noses could be an even better method of identification, says a study from the University of Bath, UK."

  • Airport stops scans on children - 18 October 2009
    "Security staff at Manchester Airport have been banned from using new "see-through" security scanners on passengers aged under 18."


  • 'Naked' scanner in airport trial + VIDEO - 13 October 2009 
    "A scanner which produces "naked" images of passengers has started a trial at Manchester Airport.
    The authorities say it will speed up security checks by quickly revealing any concealed weapons or explosives."


  • Europe delays airport X-ray eye - 23 October 2008
    "EU lawmakers have delayed the introduction at airports of full body scanners, machines that generate images of passengers - minus their clothes...
    The new scanners have already been introduced in several US airports and have been tested around the world."

    (BBC News)