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  • General Motors, Lyft Partner to Develop Driverless Taxis - Text + Audio - 10 May 2016
    "American car maker General Motors and ride-sharing service Lyft Inc. are developing driverless cars.
    The Wall Street Journal says they could launch such a taxi service within a year.
    GM is spending big money to make sure it can compete in the driverless automobile market."

  • Four Young People Who Make the World Better - Text + Audio - 21 March 2016
    "Four young technology business leaders are starting to make the world better.
    They created technology that helps deaf people communicate, tracks women’s health, helps teachers and students, and provides electricity."

  • 15 Tech Gift Ideas for 2015 - Text + Audio - 25 November 2015
    "Not sure what gift to get your loved one? Think technology! Consider these fun and useful tech gift ideas.
    You do not have to be a high-tech expert to get excited about these gifts. You may even find something special for yourself!"

  • Will Your Next Car Drive Itself? - Text + Audio - 18 November 2015
    "You know how much your telephone has changed over the past 10 years? Your car will change even more than that in the next 10 years.
    One of the big changes is that cars will drive themselves."

  • 10 Tech Tools to Teach You New Words - Text + Audio - 22 October 2015
    "Technology has given us new tools and ways to learn languages faster and easier.
    Here are a few tools that could help you on desktop, mobile and other browser tools."


  • Teen CEO Says Everyone Should Code - Text + Audio + Video - 18 October 2015
    "What does the average 15-year-old do with her free time? Most teenagers are hanging out with friends, talking on their smart phones or playing games on their computer. But Swetha Prabakaran is different. She enjoys spending her time making the use of technology easier for all."


  • New iPhones, Watches, TVs, Big iPads Offer Better Selfies - Text + Audio - 11 September 2015
    "Apple held a two-hour Special Event on Wednesday, announcing new products and new models of existing products.
    Among the new hardware are a large iPad and a gaming controller for the Apple TV.
    You will also be able to ask the TV to rewind and add closed captions."


  • Google Self-Driving Car Heading to Public Streets - Text + Audio - 21 May 2015
    "This summer, the latest version of Google's self-driving car will make its first appearance on public roads.
    The two-seat vehicle does not need a gas pedal or steering wheel.
    The prototype can drive, brake and recognize road dangers without human involvement."


  • Apple Makes 'the Best Smartwatch,' Not for Everyone - Text + Audio - 9 April 2015
    "After several days of using the new Apple Watch, many reviewers called it “the best smart watch”
    but others wondered if the watch is for everyone.
    Customers will have to pay at least $349 for the least expensive model or as much as $17,000 for the Apple Watch Edition." 


  • US Proposes Rules for Commercial Use of Drones - Article + Audio - 20 February 2015

  • Researchers Work on 3-D Printing of Living Tissue - Text + Audio + Video - 5 October 2014

  • Young People Crowd Science and Technology Fair - AUDIO + TRANSCRIPT
    "Thousands of students and parents attend D.C. science fair. Also, a famous ship becomes a communications laboratory."



  • Technology Helps Save Elephants and Rhinos - AUDIO + TRANSCRIPT
    "Elephants and Rhinos Threatened by Poachers...
    Officials there (in Kenya) have begun using small electronic devices to protect rhinos...
     GPS units for the rangers, for example, will help them find both elephants and poachers."


  • Scientific and Engineering Inventions Save Lives - AUDIO + TRANSCRIPT

  • Technology podcasts (Wikipedia)

  •  ** Liz : New technologies and old people (1) **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : B1 - par  Liz (London, England) - 15 avril 2012
    Liz explains why she thinks new technologies could be useful for old people, computers for example.

  • ** Liz : New technologies and old people (2) **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : B1 - par  Liz (London, England) - 15 avril 2012
    She thinks that a good idea would be to have a computer in all retirement homes since old people are capable of learning things.
    It could be some computers adapted to special needs for example.

  • ** Liz : New technologies and old people (3) **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : B1 - par  Liz (London, England) - 15 avril 2012
    Mobile phones could also be useful for old people, if they weren't so small. Adapted phones would be good.

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