(Updated on 09/10/2013)


  • Technology trends - Some of the most popular Technology Pins of 2013

  • Rory's technology review of the year - 27 December 2013
    "From wearable tech to 3D printing, Google glasses to gaming, 2013 has been another eventful year in technology.
    It was a good year for Android, but not so good for Blackberry - as journalist Stuart Miles and Lady Geek's Belinda Parmar
    explain to the BBC's Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones.
    They also give their predictions for 2014 - including whether we're going to be seeing a future in which all of our devices are wearable and inter-connected."



  • Technology in 2012: year in review
    "Technology has never been more important than it is today, and it has shaped 2012 in ways that few could have imagined at the beginning."



  • 'Ghost town' being built in US to test new technologies - 9 May 2012
    "A 'ghost town' is being built in America to test out the latest technologies such as renewable energies and terrorism security systems.
    It'll look just like a city with roads, houses and buildings - but no one will live there...
    It's being built in Lea County, New Mexico, and will cost around £600 million."



  • 2011 - The technology year
    It has been a momentous year, with riots, revolutions, natural disasters and economic crises.
    And looking back month by month, technology has played a big part in many of those stories, while making plenty of its own headlines."



  • Technology trends of 2011: year in review
    "BlackBerry's crash, the launch of Google+, and the growing popularity of Android, eBooks, the iPad and hacktivism made 2011 a busy year for tech trends."
  • 50 things killed by technology
    "Ringing the cinema to check film times, owning an encyclopaedia and dialling 1471 are among 50 things killed off by modern technology, according to a new poll."

  • Children draw own visions of 2020 + PICTURES
    "Children asked to come up with ideas for life in 2020 have designed labour-saving devices, magic pencils to do their homework and, of course, robots."


  • Technologies on the rise in 2008
    "A number of technologies have exploded throughout 2007, from Facebook and the iPhone to the Nintendo Wii...
    Here the BBC News website gives its predictions for five technologies that could become big in 2008.
    1. The web to go 2. Ultra mobile PCs 3. IPTV 4. Wimax 5. Mobile VoIP"


  • Year in pictures - The technology stories that made the headlines in 2007 (BBC)


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