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  • Selfie deaths: 259 people reported dead seeking the perfect picture - with a video - 4 October 2018
    "The quest for extreme selfies killed 259 people between 2011 and 2017, a 2018 global study has revealed."


    "This selfie-taker risked her life on someone's shoulders
    at the top of a 180 metre high disused chimney in Romania."

  • Selfies: A boon or bane?

  • 'Art can be for everyone': behind the scenes at the Museum of Selfies - with pictures - 23 January 2018
    "A new pop-up exhibition in Los Angeles aims to explore the history of the self-portrait and the danger of the ‘death selfie’...
    The exhibition traces the history of self-portraits from the prehistoric era to 2006, the year Paris Hilton claims to have “invented” the selfie.
    There are self-portraits in 21st-century art, mirror selfies by Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s, food selfies from Instagram, iconic skyscraper selfies and the infamous bathroom selfie. Naturally, there is an entire section devoted to “the art of the narcissist”."


  • Goa brings in 'no-selfie zones' on coast after spate of deaths - 26 June 2018
    "India has highest number of fatalities in the world from people trying for perfect shot"


  • The little-known 19th century museum of selfies - with pictures - 17 May 2018
    "So I see that a Museum of Selfies ( has just opened in Los Angeles..."


    About the Museum of Selfies
    "The Museum of Selfies is an interactive museum that explores the history and cultural phenomenon of the selfie – an image of oneself taken by oneself – with roots dating back 40,000 years.
    Visitors can explore the origin of the selfie through the lens of art, history, technology, and culture while taking some cool selfies of their very own with our interactive installations.
    The Museum of Selfies promises to share the unseen depths and history of this cultural phenomenon.
    Whether you love them or hate them, you won’t see selfies the same way again."


  • Why selfies can be a force for social good
    "A new book suggests they empower the marginalised at a time when visibility equates political power.
    Is that true? Devon Van Houten Maldonado takes a look."

  • Report Warns Against Selfies with Animals in Amazon - Text + Audio + Pictures - 7 January 2018
    "A new report by World Animal Protection looks at the harm to animals in the Amazon caused by tourist touching them or taking photos with them."

  • Briton dies in fall from Indian temple - 14 October 2017
    "Local reports said Stotesbury, from Buckingham near Oxford, was trying to take a selfie at a temple in Orchha, about 160 miles south of the Taj Mahal."

  • Why We Take ‘Selfies’ - Text + Audio - 3 September 2017
    "A new study offers reasons why people take “selfies.”

  • Trending Today: Selfies Kill Rare Baby Dolphin - Text + Audio + Video - 19 February 2016
    "An endangered Franciscan dolphin died recently on a beach in Argentina when beach-goers took it from the water.
    The people passed the dolphin around for photos, or selfies, and it died from dehydration."

  • Shoreham air crash 'selfie' PCs quit posts - 7 October 2015
    "Two Sussex police constables questioned over their conduct at the site of the Shoreham air crash have left the force.
    Since the beginning of time people are fascinated by stories of heroes. But did you know there is a fundamental structure that's lies beneath all these tales of fantasy. Joseph Campbell, a famous mythologist, was the first to discover similarities within all ancient myths.
    He called it the Monomyth. According to him there are 17 stages in which every hero has to walk through one way or the other. In the hero’s journey 12 of these stages are visualized by using iconic blockbuster movies that follow the same structure of storytelling."

  • Snapchat to launch sponsored selfies - 1 October 2015
    "Snapchat is preparing to launch a new advertising format that will allow brands to slip in to teenagers’ selfies, as it hunts for ways to make money from its young audience."



  • How selfies became a global phenomenon - 14 July 2013
    "The smartphone self-portrait or 'selfie' has established itself a form of self-expression.
    Is it a harmless fad or a dangerous sign of western society's growing narcissism?"



  • Taking a Selfie: More Dangerous than Fun?
    "Learn more about the dangers of taking a selfie and how to overcome the 'selfie obsession'."

    1 – A Selfie Reveals Your Location
    2 – A Selfie Gives Out Personal Information
    3 – A Selfie Shows What People Look Like
    4 – A Selfie Sends the Message that “You Are Not Home”
    5 – A Selfie Shows Actions People Do
    6 – A Selfie Reveals Others’ Identities
    7 – A Selfie Gives Out Details about Your Family

    8 – Taking a Selfie Can Become Addictive
    Taking a Selfie Can Turn Deadly





  • The biggest myth about phone privacy - 6 February 2015 
    "We should feel safe uploading selfies and other personal information to social networks and apps if our identities are hidden, shouldn’t we? Far from it, as Molly Crain explains." 

  • Selfies could leave your privacy at risk - VIDEO - 17 October 2014
    "Have you been swept up in the selfie craze? If so, your privacy could be at risk. CityNews reporter Stella Acquisto tells us how advertisers could be snooping on your snapshots."


  • New iPhones, Watches, TVs, Big iPads Offer Better Selfies - Text + Audio - 11 September 2015
    "Apple held a two-hour Special Event on Wednesday, announcing new products and new models of existing products. 
    Among the new hardware are a large iPad and a gaming controller for the Apple TV. 
    You will also be able to ask the TV to rewind and add closed captions." 




  • Posting selfies on social media can be bad (November 13, 2018) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Using social media too much and posting many selfies have caused a rise in narcissism, according to a new study."

    Try the same news story at these easier levels: Social Media - Level 0Social Media - Level 1   or  Social Media - Level 2
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)


  • All about me
    "Séquence intitulée 'All about me', conçue par Céline Cézard, professeur d'anglais au collège Le Semnoz à Seynod (74)
    Céline invite les élèves de 4ème à réaliser un selfie vidéo. Le travail est accompagné d'une trace écrite différenciée et de fiches d'évaluation.
    Ce travail de début d'année met d'emblée les élèves dans la réussite et dans le plaisir de l'expression en anglais et sans notes.
    Cette séquence s'appuie sur une réflexion visant à dynamiser les apprentissages dès le début de l'année scolaire via une tâche finale motivante,
    centrée sur les élèves et incluant le numérique. Le parcours d'apprentissage passe par la diversification et la différenciation des activités proposées."

    (Ac. Grenoble)  

    Accéder au projet

    Tâche finale        Checklist        Carte mentale        Certificats des élèves       Règles du jeu des cartes à points

    Ce projet peut être mis en lien avec la séquence 'My class has got talent', également conçue par Céline Cézard, accessible ici. 


  • More people die from selfies than shark attacks (26th September, 2015) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Travellers and phone-camera lovers need to note a new danger that has recently come to light."


  • Facebook ''selfies'' can harm relationships (August 18, 2013) - a lesson plan with AUDIO 
    "A study from the U.K. indicates that people who post too many ''selfies'' (photos of themselves) on Facebook and similar social networks risk damaging their real-life relationships." 

  • Selfie 
    "This EFL lesson plan is designed around a short film by Matthew Frost starring Kirsten Dunst, and the theme of celebrity selfies. 
    Students discuss meeting famous people, roleplay meeting their hero or heroine, watch a short film and discuss selfies and celebrity selfies."
    Time: 90 minutes
    Topic: Selfies, meeting famous people and modern society 



  • The selfie revolution
    "In this lesson, students read an article examining the modern fad of taking selfies (self-portrait photographs).
    The worksheet includes vocabulary and speaking activities, and there are also several grammar exercises covering a few common uses of the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous. These can be done in the lesson or assigned for homework."



  • “Selfie” Mini-Lesson Plan
    • Students will be able to define the word “selfie.”
    • Students will be able to take a picture using an iPad.
    • Students will be able to talk about social media.
  • Why Do We Take Selfies? - a lesson
    "How often do you take selfies — pictures of yourself, with your cellphone camera — and send them to someone, or post them on social media? What kind do you take, and what reactions do you usually get? Why do you think there has been such an increase in this kind of picture-taking in recent years?"






  • Cartoon: Dangerous Selfies - 31 March 2016





  • Nina Nesbitt - Selfies (YouTube) + LYRICS (
    "Taking pictures of myself [x4]
    I'll post it up in black and white
    With a depressing quote on my life
    So that you see what I'm going through
    This is desperation at its best..."