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  • ROBOTS :
    "Collected here are a handful of images of our recent robotic past, and perhaps a glimpse into the near future." (32 photos total)



    "Collected here are a handful of recent photographs of robotics in use around the world. (36 photos total)




  • Saudi Arabia Is First Country to Give Citizenship to Robot - Text + Audio + Videos - 05 November 2017
    "Saudi Arabia says it has become the first country in the world to grant citizenship to a robot.
    The female robot, named Sophia, is presented as an example of how robot technology and artificial intelligence will make machines more human-like."




  • The History of Robotics (
    "This timeline features a number of historic events of the past as well as recent developments that have helped shape the world of robots and technology in general..."








"is an international robotics competition founded in 1997.
The aim is to develop autonomous soccer robots with the intention of promoting research and education in the field of artificial intelligence.
The name RoboCup  is a contraction of the competition's full name, "Robot Soccer World Cup".
But there are many other stages of the competition such as "Search and Rescue" and "Robot Dancing".



  • Robot Olympics held in China - 23 June 2010  
    "Walking, running and even dancing humanoid robots have been pitted  against each other at the International Huro Olympic Games in northern China. Nineteen international teams travelled to Harbin  to put their robots to the test in 17 disciplines. The games run for three days..."





  • Man and Robot: where will the story end? - 9 October 2013
    "They can already perform operations, provide companionship and fight wars. But should robots be given the power of thought? And rights? Will Storr reports."





  • Can robots coexist with humans? - with pictures and a video - 20 September 2017
    "With advances in artificial intelligence forging ahead, it’s time to think seriously about how we see robots fitting into our society."


  • Artificial intelligence is bigger threat to civilisation than North Korea, Elon Musk claims - 4 September 2017
    "Musk, who has put millions of dollars into trying to ensure that AI is developed safely, regularly raises fears about AI.
    Along with the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking he has demanded that governments take action to halt the use of autonomous weapons."


  • The one law of robotics: Humans must flourish - 29 June 2017
    "The science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote about controlling intelligent machines with the three laws of robotics:

    • A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm
    • A robot must obey orders given to it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the first law
    • A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second law


  • Robots that take people's jobs should pay taxes, says Bill Gates - 20 February 2017
    "Mr Gates is not the first to mull the issue. Last week, the European Parliament rejected a proposal for a tax on robot owners,
    the proceeds of which would retrain the workers who had lost their jobs."

    + Jobs for robots | How the rise of automation is taking hold
  • Will jobs exist in 2050? - 13 October 2016
    "Sophisticated machines are fast outpacing jobs. What does this mean for the future of work? And if there are no jobs, what we will do with our time?"




  • Instant diagnosis by smartphone: how artificial intelligence can save lives - 8 August 2016
    "Drones that pick inaccessible crops and mobile phones that give medical advice are two of the ways AI can transform life in the developing world.
    Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a “game changer” in improving the lives of the world’s poor, according to the New York-based technology entrepreneur Jack Hidary. He says the technology needed to revolutionise inefficient, ineffective food and healthcare systems in developing countries is well within grasp."


  • How artificial intelligence will transform your business - 12 July 2016
    "Computer intelligence will overturn everything from medicine to the stock market and the revolution is only just beginning."



  • Losing control: The dangers of killer robots - 16 June 2016
    "New technology could lead humans to relinquish control over decisions to use lethal force.
    As artificial intelligence advances, the possibility that machines could independently select and fire on targets is fast approaching.
    Fully autonomous weapons, also known as “killer robots,” are quickly moving from the realm of science fiction toward reality."


  • Will we ever pilot giant robots? - Article + Photos - 10 June 2016
    "Ever fancied strapping yourself into a robotic suit to wage battle – or even lift heavy objects?
    Getting such a device off the drawing board might be a huge challenge."



  • Could a robot write a novel? - 22 January 2015
    "It sounds like a science-fiction fantasy: researchers are using artificial intelligence to produce novels and short stories.
    But are they any good? Hephzibah Anderson finds out."

  • Famous scientist says A.I. could destroy us (December 09, 2014) - a lesson with AUDIO
    "Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the world's most renowned scientists, has warned that robots and machines with artificial intelligence could one day mean the end of us all."

  • Ebola-tackling robots to be discussed by the White House - Article + Video - 7 November 2014
    "Robots have been working in disaster zones since 9/11. They can reach remote and dangerous locations
    and operate in places people can't go, including the rubble of the Fukushima nuclear power plant."


  • The rise of human-like robots, cars and drones - 29 October 2014 
    "Should we add more humour and humanity to our gadgets? David Robson reports on a new breed of machine designed to make us love them, and discovers whether robots can make you laugh..."



  • Are we ready for the rise of social robots? - 16 October 2014 
    "Social robots are coming, but will we enjoy their company? Chris Baraniuk explains why it might not always be easy to adjust to our new companions, and how it’ll change us."





  • Will we ever… create intelligent robots?
    "Walking, talking androids have been a sci-fi staple for decades, but as John Pavlus reports building one in reality is still a matter of getting the right parts and smarts."

  • Real-world beaming: The risk of avatar and robot crime - with a video
    "First it was the telephone, then web cameras and Skype, now remote "presence" is about to take another big step forward
    - raising some urgent legal and ethical questions."

    See: The law and ethics of beaming
  • Robots and Avatars – our colleagues and playmates of the future.
    "Led and conceived by body>data>space, this innovative project explores how young people will work and play with new representational
    forms of themselves and others in virtual and physical life in the next 10-15 years.
    It examines multi-identity evolutions of today’s younger generations within the context of a world in which virtual and physical spaces
    are increasingly blended..."