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(Updated on 10/10/2013)

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Steve JOBS



Pictures :


"A "Cyber Horse", made from thousands of infected computer and cell phone bits, is displayed
at the entrance to the annual Cyberweek conference at Tel Aviv University, Israel."



Computer words for beginners - with pictures



Electronics & Gadgets
and Computers :
Cameras - Computers - Electronics and Gadgets - Telephones (aussi en ESPAGNOL) flashcards
Click on Flashcard Library.


The alphabet
( :


Computer Lab

Inside of a computer case



Computer clipart

The original computer



For geeks : useful things on the beach

A beach bag (

Dyson Energy Bracelet
For Mobile Phones

It "is a gadget that uses
Seebeck effect to harness
and power
your mobile phones..."

with a video


Amazon Kindle
"is a software and
hardware platform ...
for reading e-books
other digital media."


A blanket

Camera mask

(No link)




Vocabulary :

  • Lifeloggers (also known as lifebloggers or lifegloggers)
    "typically wear computers in order to capture their entire lives, or large portions of their lives."

    Life caching "refers to a social act of storing and sharing one's life events in an open and public forum."
  • 20 Computer Terms You Should Know
    "The following list provides an explanation of some of the more common computing terms you may come across or need to employ in your own writing."



  • WEBOPEDIA - Dictionary for Computer and Internet Technology Definitions
  • Haiku error messages (
    "We have replaced the impersonal and unhelpful Microsoft error messages with our own Japanese haiku poetry."
    ex : "You step in the stream . . . But the water has moved on . . . Page not found."
    "Three things are certain . . . Death, taxes, and lost data . . . Guess which has occurred."

    Error Message Haiku... from the net
    "First snow, then silence.
    This thousand dollar screen dies
    so beautifully."


  • Computer verbs
    "Fill the gaps in the sentences."

  • Computers - Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son (

  • 3D Dictionary (dictionnaire informatique illustré) - (


  • Techtionary : computer words with definitions (
  • Daily life in the UK ( :
    Accommodation - Entertainment - Money - Post - Shopping - Telephone -
    Computer - Sport


Listening :

  • Words and Their Stories: Computer Terms - "Have You Googled Someone Lately?...
    Read, listen and learn English with this story. Double-click on any word to find the definition in the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary."


  • Gates steps down
    "The chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is stepping down from his daily job at the world's largest software company today.
    Gates, who made his fortune through developing computer software, plans to devote his time to charity work."
    + Vocabulary explained




  • Computers - Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son (



Facts :

  • Nick D'Aloisio (born Nicholas D'Aloisio-Montilla[1][2][3] 1 November 1995)[4]  "is an Australian-born British entrepreneur and computer programmer who created Summly  which is a summarization, artificial intelligence technology developed with SRI International...
    D'Aloisio was awarded "Innovator of the Year" in New York City by the Wall Street Journal for his work on Summly and at Yahoo.[8] D'Aloisio was also included in TIME Magazine's 'Time 100' as one of the world's most influential teenagers,[9] as well as being profiled in their "Secrets of Genius" Publication.[10] "


  • Is Google building a hulking floating data center in SF Bay? - 25 October 2013
    "It looks like Google has been working on an oversize secret project on San Francisco's Treasure Island. A water-based data center? Could well be... It is located on a barge just off Treasure Island, between San Francisco and Oakland."




  • Qwerty Tummy
    "Stomach upsets caused by bacteria from dirty computer keyboards...
    Many users, they said, are at risk of becoming ill with stomach bugs dubbed “qwerty tummy” after the first six letters on a keyboard. "



  • Microsoft and HP show off 'slate' PC - with a VIDEO
    "The firms unveiled the Windows 7 powered touchscreen machine, also known as a tablet, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
    The aim of the device is to bridge the gap between laptops and smartphones."


  • Computer risk
    "Is too much time online bad for your health?...
    A number of reports have recently linked online networking and computer games to a host of health risks."



Conversation questions :


INTERACTIVE activities :

    "Technology is everywhere. Whether at home, in the office or on the go, gadgets and gizmos of every shape, size and ring tone constantly surround us. But which ones do you feel are truly needed?
    Rank your favorites and see how they compare with other users."

    Permet de réviser ou apprendre le vocabulaire de ces gadgets.



    - Activities :
    Match computer picture and words / Match pictures and names / Input or output peripheral ? / Complete the sentences




    Computer & peripherals - Computer basics (3 exercises) - Building a website - Windows shortcuts
  • Complete the sentences (