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  • Samsung says not to use dangerous Galaxy Note (October 12, 2016) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Samsung has warned owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn off their phone after more reports of the device catching fire."
    Try the same news story at these easier levels:   Level 4  or  Level 5
    Make sure you try all of the online activities for this reading and listening - There are dictations, multiple choice, drag and drop activities, crosswords, hangman, flash cards, matching activities and a whole lot more. Please enjoy :-)
  • Apple-FBI iPhone argument getting bigger(March 13, 2016) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "There is a big argument in the USA between the technology company Apple and the FBI. The argument is over the iPhone of a killer."

  • Lesson 3: I'm here! - Text + Audio + Video
    "This is the third lesson of "Let's Learn English" - a new course for English learners. Certified American English teachers designed the course for beginners. The course continues for 52 weeks. This week Anna makes some phone calls so she and Marsha can have dinner together in her new apartment."

  • New action to stop nuisance phone calls (January 15, 2016) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Many people hate nuisance telephone calls.
    These are the calls we get from companies trying to sell us something that we usually do not want."

  • 97% Love Match
    "This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by Ben Brand titled 97% and the themes of apps and dating.
    Students talk about the apps they commonly use, do a dictation, watch a short film and retell a story."

    Language level: Pre-intermediate (A2) – Intermediate (B1)
    Time: 90 minutes
    Language: Present simple, infinitive to express purpose and vocabulary related to apps


    "Via an app on his phone, Bert discovers that a 97% love match is near.
    Will he find her before the subway reaches the end of the line?"

  • Disney bans selfie sticks at theme parks (June 30, 2015) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "Disney will ban selfie sticks at all of its theme parks around the world from July the 1st.
    The entertainment giant has become the latest company to ban the sticks."

  • Mobile phones in class lower test scores (12 June 2015) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "There is bad news for students who like to use their mobile phones while they study.
    New research shows that students do not learn very well."

  • I forgot my phone - a lesson
    "This EFL lesson is designed around a beautiful short film by Miles Crawford titled I lost my phone and the theme of mobile phones.
    Students listen to a film and speculate about what is happening, watch the film to check their answers and talk about mobile phone use."

    Time: 90 minutes
    Language: Present continuous tense; modal verbs of speculation and vocabulary related to mobile phones.



  • I-DIOTS - a lesson plan
    "This EFL lesson plan is designed around a short film called iDiots by special effects company BLR_VFX and the themes of technology,
    mass consumption and instant gratification. Students speak about mobile phones and technology, watch a short film and do a dictation."


  • Campaign to ban car hands-free phones (November 20, 2013) - a lesson with AUDIO
    "A major road-safety campaign is under way in Britain to get hands-free mobile phones banned.
    The charity Brake is also calling for motorists to switch off their phones while driving."



  • The apps explosion - a lesson plan with Student's Worksheet + Teacher's Worksheet + Glossary
    "This week’s lesson is on cell phone “apps” (short for applications), which have of course become the object of great enthusiasm among the ever-growing ranks of smartphone owners.

  • FBI Joins News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal (15th July, 2011) - a lesson plan with AUDIO

  • Newspaper Admits Hacking Celebrity Phones (9th April, 2011) - a lesson plan with AUDIO



  • Telephone English - The Phrases
    "There are a number of phrases and idioms that are only used when telephoning."
    - with Practical Exercises: Exercises to Improve Your Telephoning Skills
    Role Plays: Role Play Dialogue Cues to Practice Telephoning with Friends...

  • Vodafone's vending machine mobile phones - 31 October 2005 - a lesson plan with "a news article, listening (MP3 file)
    - a lesson plan with AUDIO , communication activities, pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary exercises."

    (Breaking News English)
  • MOBILE PHONES - a resource page including links and exercises
    "Amongst the new technologies, mobile phones remain the most popular worldwide.
    Yet, while more and more people own cell phones, the device represents a real danger, on the brain, as well as on the road...."

  • MOBILE PHONES - Advertising Campaign
    "This activity is based on a radio advert for the Mobile Phones campaign ...
    that aims to reinforce the message 'you can't do two things at once'. It was advertised in 2002."


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