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  • Mobile phone cancer warning as malignant brain tumours double - 2 May 2018
    "Fresh fears have been raised over the role of mobile phones in brain cancer
    after new evidence revealed rates of a malignant type of tumour have doubled in the last two decades."

    + At a glance | Mobile phone health scares
  • Travel Company Bans Use of Cellphones, Even for Photos - Text + Audio - 13 April 2018
    "Would you take a trip if you could not use your cellphone during it? Not even as a camera?
    A new travel company is asking customers to do just that. The company is called Off the Grid. Zach Beattie is its founder."

  • US Suspects Listening Devices in Washington - Text + Audio - 5 April 2018
    "The United States has acknowledged that it suspects that cellphone spying devices exist in Washington.
    It says the devices could be permitting foreign spies and criminals to follow an individual’s movements, secretly listen to calls, and read text messages."



  • Half of Teenagers in US and Japan ‘Addicted’ to Smartphones - Text + Audio + Pictures - 7 October 2017
    "An addiction is when we can’t stop doing something. And about half of teenagers questioned in Japan said they are addicted to a smartphone or mobile device.
    Earlier studies found that a similar percentage of American teens reported having a similar dependency on their electronic devices."

  • New Battery-Free Cellphone Is Powered by Radio Signals - Text + Pictures + Audio + Video - 20 August 2017
    "Researchers have built a battery-free cellphone they say can be powered from radio signals or light.
    A team from the University of Washington believes the new technology can someday be used in cellphones across the world."

    "Researchers have developed a way for people to use their own skin as a keypad or pull down menu to control MP3 devices, make phone calls or play games. It's called Skinput "




  • People not talking to each other - Article + Photos + Video - 12 March 2015
    ""Smartphones have made everyone seriously dull" claims the man who took this series of intriguing images.
    The street photographer - who goes by the name of Babycakes Romero - calls the set the Death of Conversation."


  • Students thrive as head bans mobile phones - 26 November 2012
    "Effect on pupils' learning 'dramatic' after school bans students from using mobile phones on campus....
    Students at Burnage Media Arts College in Manchester are forbidden from using mobiles anywhere at any time on campus.
    The ban was brought in after children disrupted lessons by texting and playing games on their phones. There were also concerns that pupils were cyber-bullying..."


  • Shopping by phone at South Korea's virtual grocery - 20 October 2011
    "Online shopping is nothing new, especially in plugged-in South Korea. But one company says it's going further.
    It's testing out a virtual supermarket in a public place."



  • Why do people play music in public through a phone ? - 14 June 2011
    "With young people, usually loud music corresponds very strongly to owning the space."


    Sodcasting "is described by The Urban Dictionary as "The act of playing music through the speaker on a mobile phone, usually on public transport.
    Commonly practised by young people wearing polyester, branded sportswear with dubious musical taste."


  • Mobiles 'may cause brain cancer' - 31 May 2011
    "The World Health Organization's cancer research agency says mobile phones are "possibly carcinogenic"...
    it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands free devices or texting."

    See : What else is labelled possibly carcinogenic ?



  • Should Smart Phones Be Banned in Schools?

  • Driving a car using your phone - 14 November 2009
    "Researchers in Germany have developed software that allows you to drive a car - with a mobile phone.
    It is part of project aimed at creating a fully automated vehicle.
    The BBC's Berlin correspondent Steve Rosenberg tried it out."



  • Spain treats child phone addicts - 13 June 2008
    "Two children in Spain have been admitted to a mental health institution to be treated for addiction to their mobile phones, Spanish media report...
    They were doing badly at school and lying to relatives in order to get money to spend on their phones...
    Mobile phone addiction "could definitely be a danger in the future". "



  • Mobile phone use on planes



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