CES 2016


(Created on 06/01/2016)


  • Electronics Show Displays Newest Gadgets - Text + Audio + Photos - 27 January 2016
    "The CES is the world’s biggest show for electronic devices. It is held every January in Las Vegas.
    The CES is said to be a guide to the path technology companies will follow in the coming year.
    The show offers visitors a peek at products that may change our lives - or may fail to catch on."


  • 10 weird products seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show
    "The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which ran from January 6-9, showcased the latest in consumer technology focusing on two particular trends: virtual reality headsets and the "Internet of Things." The ten products from the show that are linked below build on existing technology and product ideas, adding one or more "bells and whistles."
    For example, the product pictured (below) is known as the CleverPet Hub for dogs. It's the latest in "gaming" for dogs, treating them to food if they figure out a built-in "puzzle."  The product will cost approximately $269."



  • CES 2016: The final word - Article + Video - 9 January 2016
    "When CES first began, some 48 years ago now, it was much easier to surprise people."

  • Pilotless drone to transport humans on display - VIDEO - 7 January 2016
    "A human-carrying drone is one of the transport innovations on display at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.
    The EHang personal minicopter is not operated by manual controls. The passenger chooses a point on a map to travel to.
    The device is likely to cost more than $200,000 (£137,000) and could be illegal to ride in public in many countries."