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  • Baghdad University gets into world rankings (October 02, 2018) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "The University of Baghdad has made it onto the Times Higher Education World University Rankings."

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  • Koch Foundation Keeps Giving to Universities - Text + Audio + Pictures - 3 June 2018
    "The Koch Foundation has given almost $49 million to more than 250 colleges across the U.S. in 2016. That is almost double its 2015 gift amount."

  • US Universities Working Together to Help Poor Students - Text + Audio - 18 November 2017
    "Every college and university in the United States is different, and they all compete with one another.
    But one thing they share is finding ways to help low-income and first generation students.
    And now a group of 11 schools is working together to solve that problem."


  • Honest College Tour - 12 September 2017


  • Going to College on 'Words to the Wise' - Text + Audio
    "Today on Words the Wise, Pete and Caty talk about some important education-related vocabulary."


  • San Francisco Made a Big Decision About College - 6 February 2017
    "A major U.S. city just made history, with San Francisco becoming the first metropolitan area in the country to offer free college tuition for all its residents, not just low-income students."


  • San Francisco will be first in nation to make City College free - Article + Video - 6 February 2017
    "It's a historic first for higher education in San Francisco. Mayor Ed Lee announced on Monday that the city will be the first in the nation to make City College free for all students, regardless of their income."



  • Small US Colleges Fight to Stay Open - Text + Audio - 22 October 2016
    "There are thousands of choices of colleges and universities in the United States. Some are big and others are small. Some are public and others are private. But not every school is equally successful. Some schools face money troubles and end up closing, leaving students and professors in trouble."

  • American College Students Know Little of World Events - Text + Audio - 28 September 2016
    "Young people in the United States do not have a strong understanding of the world and their place in it.
    In a recent survey, only 30 percent of young people knew that the only part of the U.S. government that can declare war is Congress."

  • US College Students Missing Meals to Drink More Alcohol - Text + Audio + Photos - 23 August 2016
    "Alcohol appears in almost every movie and television program about life at U.S. universities.
    Many students drink alcohol while many others avoid it completely.
    But recent research shows the ideas and habits students have created about drinking in college may cause serious problems."

  • US Supreme Court Upholds College Affirmative Action - Text + Audio + Photos - 27 June 2016
    "The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the right of the University of Texas to consider race when deciding admissions.
    The original case was filed by a white woman who claimed she was denied admission based on her race.
    UT considers race and other factors when deciding some admission applications."

  • How Colleges Keep Students from Dropping Out - Text + Audio - 13 May 2016
    "U.S. colleges are trying to prevent students from dropping out.
    Georgia State University offers small cash gifts to help students pay tuition and other expenses.
    That program also watches student performance and sends help before problems get out of hand."

  • Flying Robots Are Coming to US Universities - Text + Audio - 2 January 2016
    "Drones are flying robots that people use for fun and for work. More and more jobs involving drones are created every day.
    Now some US universities are starting drone classes and degree programs. But, some new laws make drone piloting difficult."










    • ** Gabrielle and Lindsey : university ring ** par  Gabrielle (Michigan, USA), Lindsey (Houston, Texas)
      - 28 mai 2011
      Gabrielle and Lindsey, two American girls tell us about their university rings.


    • ** Gabrielle and Lindsey : caps and gown  **
      par  Gabrielle (Michigan, USA), Lindsey (Houston, Texas)
      - 28 mai 2011
      Gabrielle and Lindsey, two American girls tell us about the tradition of "caps and gown" for graduation at university.


    • ** Gabrielle and Lindsey : University graduation  **
      par  Gabrielle (Michigan, USA), Lindsey (Houston, Texas)
      - 28 mai 2011
      Gabrielle and Lindsey, two American girls, talk about university in the USA : why was it such an important step for them ?


    • Audio slideshow: Blake's 'Informal Panorama'
      "The artist Quentin Blake - best known for his illustrations in Roald Dahl's children's books - has unveiled a 70-foot-long work celebrating the 800th anniversary of Cambridge University.

      On display at Addenbrooke's Hospital - and in his own distinctive style - Quentin Blake's mural depicts famous alumni from centuries past.
      Take a guided tour with the artist himself."



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