(Updated on 13/06/2016)



  • New arena for body cameras: Iowa schools - 8 July 2015
    "As police departments across the country adopt body cameras, an Iowa school district is following suit by outfitting administrators with clip-on video cameras.
    Burlington Community School District in southeastern Iowa is taking the unusual step of recording parent and student interactions with principals and assistant principals — a move district officials say will protect both sides. "

  • School security: 'We go through jail life' - VIDEO - 3 July 2015
    "Many students across the US must undergo security screening before entering their schools each day - including placing their bags in x-ray machines and walking through metal detectors.
    Security guards, police officers or both are often working on the premises..."



  • Surveillance of students in public schools: how much is too much? - 28 August 2013
    "A school district amid the vast suburban sprawl of Los Angeles has hired a self-described social network monitoring service
    to stalk its students on internet-based platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter..."




    • Metal detector (

    • A metal detector "is an electronic instrument which detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground." 

    • School metal detectors
      "Day-to-day use of metal detectors is the exception, not the rule, in the majority of U.S. schools.  However, they are used in some larger urban districts with a history of chronic weapons offenses."