SCHOOLS around the WORLD


(Updated on 13/06/2016)


  • School in a Pakistani Public Park Helps Poor Children - Text + Audio + Video - 7 May 2016
    "Almost half of the children in the South Asian country - 25 million - do not go to school, the second-highest number in the world.
    A man who was once such a child now works to help children be educated, by operating an informal school."

  • A Day in the Life of a Korean Student
    "Korean students are smart. They consistently rank among the top performing students in the world, especially in math, but it’s no surprise, given their study habits and sheer relentlessness...
    The following is my attempt to describe a typical day in the life of a fictional Korean middle school student..."


  • Brazil's education challenge in bid to be world player - 27 September 2010 
    "Eric and Raquel live in Brazil's biggest city, Sao Paulo, but although their schools are just 40km (25 miles) apart, there is a world of difference in the education they are getting."
    - with VIDEOS

    Recommended by Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille) :
    "Les deux videos sont particulièrement intéressantes et assez faciles pour comparer la vie de deux étudiants venant de milieux très differents."

  • No shorts, no sandals, no stonewashed, teachers told - 24 April 2008
    "New Brunswick's School District 8 has decided its teachers need to start dressing a little better when they go to class.
    A new dress code policy recently came into effect for the schools in the southern New Brunswick district where staff are banned from wearing T-shirts, shorts, sports sandals and blue jeans while at work - even on casual days..."



  • Mon école en Australie (en français)
    "Dans ce programme de la série "Montre-moi ton école", un enfant aborigène d'Australie fait vivre quelques moments de sa vie d'écolier."