(Updated on 12/06/2016)




  • School by Winifred C. Marshall (pdf)

    "School bells are ringing, loud and clear;
    Vacation's over, school is here. 

    We hunt our pencils and our books,
    And say goodbye to fields and brooks,..."

  • One, two, three, four (.doc) - Niveau 6ème

  • Are you ready? by Wes Magee - Pages 2 and 3 - with activities
    "Read this poem about getting ready to go to school."



  • School Poems - "Our poetry books are filled with hilarious poems about school."

  • School Poems (25 Poems) - Poems By Category
    "Poems about friendship
    s, love, betrayal and school and teacher relationships."


  • Celebr8 by Levi Tafari
    "'Celebr8' is a poem about integration and diversity.
    It is by the Liverpool based poet Levi Tafari, himself of Jamaican origin.
    This short kit has been produced to support the newly launched British Council project 'Integration and Diversity in Education' (INDIE) which encourages young future leaders from a variety of backgrounds to take the initiative in promoting diversity in the own schools."

    - with Tasks and activities for exploiting the poem, Teachers' notes and answer key and the Text of the poem.
    (British Council)

  • Parents' evening - a poem by Allan Ahlberg - Page 2
    "I’m nervous as can be.
    I wonder what she’ll tell ‘em,
    I’ll say I’ve got a pain!
    I wish I’d got my spellings right.
    I wish I had a brain..."




  • School Poem - a poem (FLASH with SOUND - animated) + Registration
    Click on ENGLISH / Other Resources / Online Stories & Poems / Poetry