(Updated on 11/06/2016)


  • De nouvelles applications : fournitures scolaires et le Personality Quiz d'Enjoy 3ème
    sont disponibles dans la nouvelle rubrique entièrement dédiée aux applications que crée Cyril Dussuchaud.







  • HOMESCHOOLING - Texte + exercices de compréhension interactifs

  • Homework
    "Buster has a lot of homework today. Watch the video and do the seven pages of activities and games."

    Created by Renée Maufroid.


  • School things - interactive activities (


  • School - Drag and Drop - Upper intermediate (



  • My timetable
    "Look at this timetable that a Scottish kid sent me and compare it with yours.
    Do the activities to learn all the words you may need."

    Matching / Flashcards / Concentration / Word Search
    See a list of terms used in these activities
    created by: Renée Maufroid (Ac. Lille)




  • School : vocabulary - with interactive activities
    [NG] Degrees in Education / Education / School Rooms / School Subjects / People in a School / Types of Schools / University Subjects / Tests



  • QCM -
    "Vous êtes Michel MARTIN et vous recevez en France votre correspondant anglophone John SMITH pour une période de 15 jours ... Il peut y avoir 1, 2 ou 3 'bonnes' réponses pour chacune des 90 situations proposées. "
    - "Le but de l'activité ... est de passer en revue un certain nombre de notions pour communiquer en anglais."

    (Yvan Baptiste - Ac. Montpellier)


  • Educational Subjects
    ex : The subject which covers drawing, painting, and sculpture is called ___
  • School Vocabulary - (a4esl)
    ex : "If you are naughty in class or forgot your homework and therefore have to stay after class it means you've got a ___"
  • Education in America - multiple choice exercise - Questions en français (Ac. Caen)