(Updated on 11/06/2016)



  • Almost 1,100 students caught using phones in GCSE and A-level exams - 5 January 2018
    "Ofqual data for 2017 exams in England shows 25% rise in number of penalties issued to students for trying to cheat."


  • School makes millions from Snapchat IPO (in California) - 3 March 2017
    "A huge tech initial public offering raises billions. More money for super-rich investors and bankers, right?
    Well that's not the whole story. Not this time..."


  • Robots and drones take over classrooms - 27 January 2017
    "Classrooms are noticeably more hi-tech these days - interactive boards, laptops and online learning plans proliferate, but has the curriculum actually changed or are children simply learning the same thing on different devices?"








'One Upon a Time in High School'