(Updated on 11/06/2016)







  • Sculpture for Schools, Colleges & Universities
    "Nothing can unify and grace a campus as much as a beautiful work of art. It can represent a school’s past, present and future as an object of meaning and guidance..."

    “The Beginning of Wisdom” at the Pingry School – NJ

  • Animals & Mascots
    "From heroic-size horses to a playful bunny and turtle to a prowling, over-life size leopard, Skylight Studios has created countless sculptures of animals, both real and fanciful. Some are official school mascots..."

    Willard Elementary School – Concord, MA
    "The allegorical Rabbit and Turtle greet students and visitors at the entryway of the new school."



  • "The Management and Humanities Building is the first building of Asia University. ..
    The phoenix statue looks like going to fly away with wide-spanned wings, signifying the endeavor of the university in high education to become an internationally famous university."




  • "The sculpture is The Great God Pan ... by the American artist George Grey Barnard (1863-1938).  The work shows the Greek god Pan in his usual form as half-man, half-goat, playing the pan pipes associated with him.  As a fertility deity, he is often accompanied by fauns and nymphs, but here he is seen in solitude enjoying the music he plays..." - in Columbia's Morningside Heights campus


  • Wildcat Family Statue in The University of Arizona.
    "Known as the Arizona Wildcats (often shortened to "Cats"), the athletic teams are members of the Pacific-12 Conference in the NCAA. UA athletes have won national titles in several sports, most notably men's basketball, baseball, and softball."