(Updated on 11/06/2016)




  • School uniforms - a worksheet (pdf)
    Created by Bérangère Bergeron (Ac. Toulouse)


  • In the classroom
    In this worksheet, pupils learn the names of classroom items. They have to listen and repeat the words. They can colour the items.
    The worksheet also presents the zero and indefinite articles. Pupils have to choose between a and an and the zero article.
    Created by Isabelle Boresy (Ac. Amiens)

  • English for Everyday Living - Lessons with activities to print
    Learn the names of the things you see or use every day.
    Learn the sentences you need for everyday situations.
    In the Kitchen - In the Bathroom - In the Bedroom - In the Living Room - In the Garage - In the Yard - In the Office - At School - At the Store -
    At the Barbershop - Your Body

  • My timetable - created by Christelle BOLTZ (Ac. Strasbourg)


  • First Day At School - Texte extrait de Black Boy de Richard Wright.
    - Compréhension de l'écrit





  • Multiple Choice - "Select the definition that most nearly defines the given word."

  • A school report - "Find the subjects and say if John is a good pupil or a bad pupil."

  • How the UK education system works (Education UK)