Bullying : CONTENTS


(Updated on 13/06/2016)





  • On Being Hated
    "Being disliked by others is one of the most unavoidable but unpleasant realities: learning to cope without panic belongs at the core of wisdom."






  • The emoji equation
    "Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley and psychologist adviser on Pixar film ‘Inside Out’ , explains why emojis can help tell victims of cyberbullying that they are not alone."






  • The Effects of Bullying Can Last a Lifetime - a video
    "Growing evidence suggests that the effects of being bullied do not end with childhood.
    The psychological and physical damage, like anxiety and depression, can continue into adulthood."

  • 'Ronan's Escape' - Short Film on Bullying - 15' 51
    "Winner of 10 international film awards, this stunning short film set in the rural wheat belt of Western Australia, provides a candid insight into the life of Ronan (David Lazarus), a 14 yr old boy who's been bullied at school his whole life. .."





  • The Bully (1952) - "Chick, a young teenage boy, is large for his age and aggressive with others."




  • BrainPOP! Bullying
    Watch a short movie with Tim and Moby about bullying, then take a pop quiz.



'That's What I am' (2011)