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(Updated on 13/06/2016)





  • Natasha Bedingfield Beat Bullying Advert
    "Natasha Bedingfield in a Beat Bullying Advert in 2004. Other celebrities include Sharon Osbourne, Vernon Kay and Keisha Buchanan from the Sugababes."

    I am
    "I am the person you bullied at school
    I am the person who didn't know how to be cool
    I am the person that you alienated
    I am the person you ridiculed and hated..."





  • It hurts - a poem on bullying (YouTube)







  • 50 Cent "is an American rapper and actor."
    He "is set to release a book titled Playground... This time he's aiming at a teen audience with a semi-autobiographical novel about bullying.
    According to a statement from the book's publisher, the first-person novel is slated for release in January 2012 and will tell the story of a 13-year-old schoolyard bully "who finds redemption as he faces what he's done."



  • The Transformation of Egbert
    "Egbert is a pretty normal kid with a not so normal name. A name he blames for being teased and getting into fights at school..."


'Harold' (2008)