"When teaching, light a fire, don't fill a bucket." (Dan Snow)

(Updated on 19/07/2015)


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Resource pages :

  • Fabulous First-Day Ideas
    "Primary- and intermediate-level teachers offer suggestions for first-day-of-school lesson planning"
  • Top 5 Ways to Get to Know Your Students (
    "The following ideas include some original icebreakers and community-building activities that double as assessment opportunities, skill-building lessons, or projects that result in a unique, inspiring classroom decoration..." 

  • Britons 'spend six months talking about weather'
    "Weather was the most common subject to break the ice when addressing strangers or even at business meetings, according to the report...
    "I think it's a part of our national psyche"...
    "We are a fairly reserved sort of people and talking about the weather is an easy, non-confrontational way of breaking the ice." "



  • Back-to-School Resource Page (Teacher Planet) :
    - First Day Activities
    - Lesson Plans & Worksheets
    - Forms and Checklists
    - Gradebooks
    - Back to School Resources
    - New Teacher Resources
    - Tips and Ideas
    - Classroom Management
    - Back to School Clipart and Posters
    - Other Useful Sites
  • Back to School - Theme Unit (EdHelper) :

    - Classroom Helpers (forms, calendars, passes, bulletin boards)
    - Back to School Reading Comprehensions
    - Back to School Story Starters
    - Language Arts Mixed Review (mixed skills)
    - Back to School Printables

  • Icebreakers (
  • Weird Science (onestopenglish)
    "Introduces and provides fluency practice for character adjectives.
    This is a good ice-breaker lesson for first classes.
    Lower-intermediate/ Intermediate levels."


Diaporamas / Photos : (The Substitute)

  • Sleeping in a gym
    "Parents of newly arrived freshmen students sleep in a gym (350 mats) at the Central China Normal University in Wuhan, Hubei province."

    (BBC - Picture 2)

    A bamboo floor mat
    (No link)



Listening :

Interactive activities :

  • Back to School - "Answer this survey, then compare with what other pupils have answered." 
    Created by Renée M
    aufroid. (Ac. Lille)
    This survey would be interesting as an ice-breaker.



Activities TO PRINT :

  • Vocabulary Matching - "Match each definition with a word."
    - ex : "A place where books are kept for people to borrow" = ...

  • Multiple Choice Vocabulary - "Select the definition that most nearly defines the given word." (EdHelper)



Games TO PRINT :


  • Back to school - word search (to print) - (EdHelper)

  • Back to School - crosswords (to print) - (EdHelper)
    - ex : "A person who helps you learn and shows you how to do things." = ... ?


Lesson plans :


  • Days of the Week - a lesson plan
    "A colorful and creative way to help your young students learn the days of the week."

  • Talking Cards (
    "Materials required:
    One or two packs of playing cards and the questions sheet.
    To get the student used to answering general questions at a level that resembles normal speech.
    To give the students conversational confidence."
  • A lesson : Self Portrait with Favorite Things :
    "Brainstorm and record favorite things of your students on a board or chart paper.
    You can include things like, favorite superhero, book, sport, movie, fruit, game, musician, artist, animal and so on..."
  • Classroom Introductions - a lesson plan (teachervision.fen)
    Objectives :
    - Students will know you better.
    - Students will be welcomed to your class and given an idea of what they will be doing during the year.
    - Students share some personal information about themselves orally.
    - Students will learn about each others' interests and families.


Poems :


Scavenger Hunts :

  • Back-to-School Scavenger Hunt - (enchantedlearning)
    "In this activitiy, each student fill out a personal questionnaire,
    then they all go on a scavenger hunt looking for information about each other."


Songs :



Videos :

1st Day of Class: Dead Poet's Society

+ "Quotes to Discuss on the First Day of Class"
below the video



Supercut: TV's First Days of School
"In honor of a new school year we've rounded up some of the most
memorable first days of school in TV history,
from "Welcome Back Kotter" and "Square Pegs"
to "Beverly Hills, 90210," "The Inbetweeners," and "Community."



First Day of School (Part 1)

"The Cosby Show was and still is one of the greatest sitcoms
in television history. It ran for 8 seasons from 1984-1992.
In this episode:
Cliff and Clair are overjoyed with the arrival
of the new school year,
as their children are finally out of the house."



Finding Nemo: First Day of school
"The opening scene from Disney-Pixar's "Finding Nemo"."



  • Brainpop : Back-to-school page 
    with an interactive quiz, lesson plans, graphic organizers and an animated movie.


  • Suggested activity for the beginning of the year by Paola SANCHEZ (Mexico) :
    "The first day of class, I show my students the following video to raise awareness in them about the importance of education
    in the 21st century world :

    Did you know (YouTube)

    After they watch the video, they have to tell me five facts they considered as the most interesting...
    The language is very simple and has lots of visual support."