(Updated on 09/07/2016)




  • How Much Is It?: 3 Activities plus Vocabulary Support for Shopping.
    "This unit contains an information gap, a walk-and-talk, and a role-play, as well as numerous vocabulary worksheets."



  • Money - Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son


  • Money
    Useful Vocabulary with the pronunciation - Build Up - Dialogue - Games and Tests
  • How Do People Spend Their Lottery Winnings? - Text + Audio - 13 January 2016
    "America’s Powerball lottery jackpot is over $1 billion. Where does the money go? Some winners start charities.
    Others buy gifts for family and friends. What others do might surprise you."

  • When It Comes to Money, Black Is Better Than Red - Text + Audio - 27 April 2015
    "Colors come to the rescue when you want to describe a business that is making money or losing money.
    Judging from Jack Ma's smile at Alibaba's IPO at the New York Stock Exchange, he's making a lot of money.
    Also learn other useful banking terms."

  • Billionaires Grow in Numbers, Influence - Text + Audio
    "Author of new book on the super-rich says billionaires “are shaping the world for the better and sometimes for the worse.”
    Many support political campaigns, candidates and issues. But another writer claims American billionaires are not as powerful as some people believe."



  • North VS South - The unequal distribution of wealth (cartoon) :
    Enregistrements faits par l'assistante de Philippe Hattais (Ac. Créteil) ainsi que ses notes

  • Haggling
    "If you argue with someone in a shop or market over the price of something, we call this haggling.
    Although it isn't the custom in the UK to haggle every time we shop, it is something we do for very cheap things... or very expensive things.
    Don't forget to practise what you've learned with the listening activity..."



  • Everyday English in Conversation - Listening
    Eating / Emotions / Fashion / Friendship / Health / Housing / Life / Memory / Money /
    Romance / Shopping / Time / Traveling / Vacation / Weather / Work
    (Focus English)

  • Technotown Restaurant - with AUDIO
    Reconnaissance des chiffres



  • BUSINESS WORDS - "Vous allez pouvoir écouter et écrire 175 mots liés à l'anglais de la vente et du commerce."
    (Yvan Baptiste)
  • Shopping and Money - with exercises
    - Numbers 1 (E)
    - Numbers 2 (E)
    - Prices (E)
    - Shopping for the Day (E)
    - Telephone Recording (E)
    - Rental Shop (E)
    - Radio Commercial (M)
    - A Great Car Deal (M)
    - Christmas is Coming! (M)
    - Street Market (D)
    - Rental Shop (D)
    - Money Matters (D)
    - Store Returns (M)
    - Internet Access (D)