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  • How free is our freedom of the press? - VIDEO
    "In the US, the press has a right to publish secret information the public needs to know, protected by the First Amendment.
    Government surveillance has made it increasingly more dangerous for whistleblowers, the source of virtually every important story about national security since 9/11, to share information. In this concise, informative talk, Freedom of the Press Foundation co-founder and TED Fellow Trevor Timm traces the recent history of government action against individuals who expose crime and injustice
    and advocates for technology that can help them do it safely and anonymously."
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  • Bad News for Press Freedom Around the World - Text + Audio + Video - 2 May 2015
    "A new report says working conditions for reporters have fallen severely in the last 10 years.
    The study says reporters face increasing restrictions and threats. At the same time, press freedom around the world is extremely low.
    Many countries have only a partly free press, or no free press at all."

  • Countries Where Reporters Are Threatened, Imprisoned - Text + Audio + Video
    "The Committee to Protect Journalists has released a list of the top 10 countries where reporters are the most-severely limited.
    Eritrea and North Korea are at the top of the list.
    The eight others are China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Burma and Cuba."

  • El Bocón: blanks
    "The Peruvian newspaper ‘El Bocón’, one of the countries leading sports newspapers, took a stand for peace in soccer violence.
    When a fan got killed in riots after a match, they removed all of the soccer news out of their newspaper.
    They left blank spots where the news was supposed to be. Great innovative way to take a stand as a newspaper."






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