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(Updated on 01/05/2016)



  • Newspaper reading activities
    "Newspapers are a useful tool in the ELT classroom for improving reading skills and enhancing students' knowledge of current affairs."
    Tips + Activites

  • Analysing press images
    "Newspapers and press websites NEED to illustrate their pages with a variety of images.
    Illustration, along with headlines, is what draws the attention of the reader/buyer/visitor.
    When looking at a press image, one has to wonder why that particular picture has been chosen and how it contributes to the news.
    Here are a few examples showing how those images function..."




  • Parts of a Newspaper - a lesson plan
    "Is reading the newspaper a heavy job? A few simple reading strategies can lighten the load.

    In this lesson you will:
    • Find what you're looking for in a newspaper
    • Read headlines to predict what articles will be about and where you will find them in the paper
    • Match pictures with the right captions"


  • How a newspaper works - "a behind-the-scenes look at the increasingly complex business of running a newspaper, using The Herald-Sun of Durham, N.C. as a real-world example." (pour 3ème)




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