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  • VOA Pronunciation Guide
    "Use VOA’s Pro•nounce to correctly pronounce names and places quickly and easily.
    VOA's pronunciation guide has helped people around the world pronounce challenging words in the news since 2000."

  • Press Freedom Under Threat in Turkey - Text + Audio - 28 October 2015
    "The International Press Institute organized a mission to Turkey to observe press freedom in the country as it prepares for elections.
    It says detentions of reports mean that press freedom is suffering in Turkey."

  • Bad News for Press Freedom Around the World - Text + Audio + Video - 2 May 2015 
    "A new report says working conditions for reporters have fallen severely in the last 10 years. 
    The study says reporters face increasing restrictions and threats. At the same time, press freedom around the world is extremely low. 
    Many countries have only a partly free press, or no free press at all." 

  • Countries Where Reporters Are Threatened, Imprisoned - Text + Audio + Video
    "The Committee to Protect Journalists has released a list of the top 10 countries where reporters are the most-severely limited. 
    Eritrea and North Korea are at the top of the list. 
    The eight others are China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Burma and Cuba." 

  • 'Newseum'
    "A new museum dedicated to the history of reporting the news has opened in Washington. The 'Newseum' aims to tell the story of how journalism 
    has changed over time through momentous events and the constantly changing means of communication." 

    Listen to the story. 




  • Mary (B&B owner in France)  : the press in Great Britain 
    "Mary details the different British newspapers : informative vs. scandal press / tabloids."

  • NEW MP3 about the Royal Family  by Mary (B&B owner in France) 

    - Mary : the Royal Family love affairs and the media
    "Love affairs have always existed throughout history but the media and the press have played a major role over the last decades."

  • - Mary : the Royal Family and the scandal press
    "Mary talks about the celebrity status of the Royal Family, among others. The paparazzi love it !"

  • World News Stories 
    "A news reporter summarizes today's top "unusual" stories."
    I. Pre-Listening Exercises
    II. Listening Exercises
    III. Post-Listening Exercises 


  • Voice of America
    "International news stories are spoken slowly for the benefit of international listeners."


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