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  • Google Announces New Products - Text + Audio + Video - 12 October 2016
    "Google has expanded its focus from services, such as Maps, Gmail and Chrome, to devices that include them.
    The company recently introduced its Pixel smartphone, smart speaker, Wi-Fi router, video streaming device and virtual reality viewer."

  • 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Attacked - Text + Audio - 23 September 2016
    "Yahoo says hundreds of millions of its accounts were hacked in 2014. Many people are reacting to the news on social media."

  • VOA Pronunciation Guide
    "Use VOA’s Pro•nounce to correctly pronounce names and places quickly and easily.
    VOA's pronunciation guide has helped people around the world pronounce challenging words in the news since 2000."

  • Bringing the Internet Closer Helps Students - Text + Audio - 2 July 2015
    "What do millions of students do when they cannot get online to find educational materials?
    One non-profit service is bringing the internet to schools and other institutions in a project called Widernet.
    Students and teachers say it helps by making access faster and easier."

  • Nine Ways to Protect Yourself from Hackers Online - Article + Audio - 23 February 2015
    "An increase in cyber-attacks makes the Internet seem like a scary place these days.
    The hacking of Sony Pictures led the news for some time.
    Even the White House was a target of cyber-attack.
    How can individuals protect or make it more difficult for hackers to access their information?"

  • UN Warns on Digital Spying - TEXT + AUDIO
    "Report warns many countries are taking part in digital spying too often and on too many people."

  • Learning Hacking to Stop Hackers - AUDIO - 11 August 2014
    "This kind of training is important to companies and governments. They want more young people to enter the information security field to help defend against online criminals. Just one attack can cost a companies millions of dollars."

  • Can You Erase Information on the Internet? - Audio + Script
    "The European Court of Justice recently ruled in a case involving the Internet search engine Google.
    The court ruled that Google must sometimes, on request, remove links to reports containing personal information."

  • How To Say: "Web 2.0"? - "There seem to be many possible ways of saying this..." 

  • ** Lindsey : I couldn't live without the Internet (1/2) **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : B1 par  Lindsey (Houston, Texas) - 9 février 2012
    Lindsey explains what she uses the Internet for and why she couldn't live without it.


  • ** Lindsey : I couldn't live without my Ipod either (2/2) **
    Langue : Anglais, niveau : A2 par  Lindsey (Houston, Texas) - 9 février 2012
    Lindsey explains what she uses her Ipod for and why she couldn't live without it.


  • Internet + explanations (



  • Little Red In Cyberspace
    "A modern day take on the classic fairy tale is designed to teach young children about Internet safety.
    Little Red just wants to surf the Net but the Big Bad Wolf is always lurking"