(Updated on 22/06/2016)




  • Facebook Opens to Children Under 13 for Messaging - Text + Audio + Pictures - 6 December 2017
    "For the first time, Facebook is opening its service to children under age 13.
    The social media giant has launched a new app allowing young children to send messages through Facebook."

  • Facebook’s Fight to Block Violent and Hateful Content - Text + Audio + Pictures - 5 June 2017
    "Facebook recently said it was hiring an additional 3,000 people to identify and remove violent and hateful content.
    But the job is difficult as the social media service gets millions of reports each week and has nearly 2 billion monthly active users."

  • How Facebook's tentacles reach further than you think - 26 May 2017
    "Facebook's collection of data makes it one of the most influential organisations in the world. Share Lab wanted to look "under the bonnet" at the tech giant's algorithms and connections to better understand the social structure and power relations within the company."

  • Facebook: Social network, media company - or both? - 15 December 2016

  • 1.2 million people accept birthday party invitation (December 09, 2016) - a lesson plan with AUDIO
    "A father in Mexico got a surprise after he posted an invitation to his daughter's 15th birthday party on Facebook.
    Over 1.2 million people have said they would attend.
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    • Meaning of Poke on Facebook (
      •  "A “poke” is basically someone trying to get your attention
      • It’s one of the meaningless features that are used just to annoy someone
      • If you poke someone not in your network and they poke back, you can view their profile even if you're not their friend!
      • A poke is when you allow someone to see your Facebook page for 3 days, so they can know who you are and hopefully add you as a friend."

    • Shannon D. Jackson: Woman Arrested For Facebook "Poke" - 18 March 2010
      "Poking" someone on Facebook may sound like a naughty double-entendre, but generally speaking it's a perfectly harmless (and totally G-rated) way of getting in touch with an online pal."
      Shannon "was arrested for allegedly violating an order of protection."


  • New on Facebook: Ordering Food & Buying Tickets - Text + Audio - 22 October 2016
    "Facebook has launched a new service allowing users to order food and buy tickets. The new feature, called Recommendations, is designed to help users organize their friends’ favorite places and things in one place. The service allows people to comment and give suggestions on their favorite things."


  • The Dangers of Facebook Oversharing - Article + Video
    Can too much sharing get you in trouble?
    "How much is too much information when it comes to sharing on Facebook? When does sharing become oversharing, and when does it become a personal safety risk? Some people out there actually like oversharing, and some don't. Let's take a look at both the lovers and the haters of oversharing..."


  • Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft sign EU hate speech code - 31 May 2016
    "To tackle racism and xenophobia, big internet companies say they will try to review most notifications within 24 hours...
    An online “code of conduct” aimed at fighting hate speech has been launched by the European Union
    in conjunction with four of the world’s biggest internet companies."


  • Apple, Twitter and Facebook under scrutiny - 26 April 2016

  • Facebook has changed the 'like' button to six different emotions - 24 February 2016


  • Facebook and Instagram ban private gun adverts - 30 January 2016
    "Private individuals will no longer be allowed to advertise guns on Facebook and Instagram, the photo-sharing service owned by Facebook."


  • What's on your mind?
    "Facebook can be depressing because everyone else's lives are better than yours... But are they really?"



  • Zuckerberg defends his new philanthropic initiative - Article + Video - 4 December 2015
    "Mr Zuckerberg will give away 99% of his stake in Facebook, worth $45bn (£30bn), to fund the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
    Rather than set up a simple charity, Mr Zuckerberg formed a limited liability company (LLC) to administer the money...
    The new charitable organisation is aimed at "advancing human potential and promoting equality for all children in the next generation"."


  • Facebook Launches Mobile News App - VIDEO - 22 November 2015
    "The “Notify” app will let users get content from media partners on their smartphones.
    And, Facebook will be able to add news alerts in its daily notifications to a worldwide audience."


  • Video: President Obama Joins Facebook + TRANSCRIPT - 12 November 2015
    "Click in the window below the video to access a textivate ordering activity based on the transcript."

    "President of the United States joins facebook to enable "real conversations," and uploads his first video about global warming."



  • Facebook safety project: créer un vidéo tutoriel
    "Cette proposition d'activité orale (prise de parole en continu) porte sur le thème de "Facebook safety and etiquette".
    Elle se situe au niveau B2. Elle a été concue pour des élève de 1ere L Langue Vivante Approfondie mais pourra être adaptée pour d'autres classes."

    (Laurence  Bernard - Ac. Martinique)