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(1564 - 1616)

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  • Shakespeare - Obituary
    William Shakespeare, Playwright and Poet, Is Dead at 52
    "On this date — April 23, 1616 — the creator of “Hamlet,” “Macbeth” and “Romeo and Juliet” left the beauty of this world.
    To us, he bequeathed his tragedies and comedies, his sonnets and verse, which would survive 400 years."



  • It's Shakespeare's birthday, the perfect excuse to visit his scenic hometown - 23 April 2018
    "It’s time to dust off the candles (454 this year) and celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday in his home town. He was probably born on April 23, but the party started on Saturday 21 with a parade and garden parties. Sonnets on the chain ferry across the Avon contribute to the merrymaking. The RSC summer season ( got under way, too."


    Where it all began: Shakespeare's birthplace on Henley Street

  • From Shakespeare’s Pen to Our Mouths - Text + Audio - 30 April 2016
    "April 23 is celebrated around the world as William Shakespeare’s birthday. There is probably no other writer who has influenced the English language more than the Bard of Avon, as he known to some. Read on to learn about some popular sayings that came from his works."


  • Shakespeare's greatest characters - 21 PHOTOS - 27 April 2016



  • Shakespeare (
    Resources found by Marie-Hélène Fasquel


  • Explore Shakespeare’s England
    "Celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary this year in the place he called home, right in the heart of England. #Shakespeare2016."




  • Shakespeare: The dossier
    "One of literature's great conspiracy theories has new impetus with Sir Derek Jacobi questioning whether William Shakespeare of
    Stratford really wrote the works associated with him.
    So what are the arguments for and against this man really being the Bard?