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  • Shakespeare Week:

    • Welcome To Shakespeare Week - 12 to 18 March 2018
      "Shakespeare Week is a national annual celebration giving primary school aged children opportunities for enriching and enjoyable early encounters with Shakespeare.
      Schools, families, home educators and cultural organisations can register now to access our free resources and events listings."




    "No Fear Shakespeare puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English
    — the kind of English people actually speak today."

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  • Shakespeare Stories (Younger Fiction)
    "The tales have been retold using accessible language...
    TITLES IN THIS SET: Antony and Cleopatra, Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, Henry V, Hamlet,
    A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth & The Tempest."

    Paperback from $9.06
  • 450 Years of Shakespeare
    "William Shakespeare was born 450 years ago. His birthday, 23 April, falls on St George’s Day, the English national holiday.
    This year, there will be numerous events all around the world celebrating the Bard.
    Look out for more articles here as events are announced, but some highlights will be:
    world tour of Hamlet ...
    Shakespeare in Love ...
    teaching materials"


  • Multilingual Shakespeare season planned for 2012 - 20 January 2011
    "Each of William Shakespeare's 38 plays is to be performed in a different language to mark the 2012 London Olympics...
    Companies from around the world will participate in the season."




  • Two Gentlemen of Lebowski by Adam Bertocci
    "Bertocci basically does a scene-by-scene rewrite of the movie, with judicious conflation of scenes...
    Bertocci pulls lines from actual Shakespeare...
    He employed a mix of prose and verse, without much distinction to whether characters use one or the other at all times..."

    Read the first 3 scenes for free.


  • Manga Shakespeare  "is a series of critically acclaimed books featuring cutting-edge manga illustrations with the abridged original text from Shakespeare."
    - Books to buy
    - FREE resources



  • Shakespeare for Kids "offers lessons and activities for kids and families to test your knowledge of Shakespeare's plays and learn about his life and time...
    From word jumbles to weird words to trading Shakespearean insults and quotations to acting out the scenes from scripts written for kids, you’ll have fun with words at this site. Read the fun facts about Shakespeare’s life and times, including a recipe for a seventeenth-century room deodorizer..."
    Read the REVIEW by Education World.

  • No Fear Shakespeare "puts Shakespeare's language side-by-side with a facing-page translation into modern English—the kind of English people actually speak today."


  • Open Source Shakespeare
    Features : concordance + keyword search + advanced search +statistics
    Plays : by genre + by number of lines + character list + character search
    Sonnets and Poems : individual sonnets + sonnets compared side-by-side + all sonnets + all poems




  • Absolute Shakespeare,
    - "the essential resource for William Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and the legendary Globe Theatre."

  • Shakespeare for Kids :
    - Words galore and scene scripts.
    - Learn about Shakespeare's life and times
    - Have fun with pictures from Shakespeare's time.
    - See how much you know about the characters in Shakespeare's plays
    - Solve Shakespeare puzzles


  • Shakespeare Illustrated "explores nineteenth-century paintings, criticism and productions of Shakespeare's plays and their influences on one another."