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Stories for Kids

List of Stories for Kids
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'Little Red Riding Hood' (a new page)

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with important events in literature and literacy.



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Comics / Comic strips / Superheroes
Nursery Rhymes
'Snow White and the Huntsman' (film)



Stories to read (no sound) :

  • Paul Bunyan,' An American Folk Tale - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video + Quiz - 23 March 2018
    "Today we tell a traditional American story called a “tall tale.” A tall tale is a story about a person who is larger than life.
    The descriptions in the story are exaggerated – much greater than in real life. Here's a tall tale about Paul Bunyan, a hero of North America’s lumberjacks."




  • Short Stories & Fairy Tales (A Selection of Audio Files from and Texts from
    by Jean LeMauff (Ac. Guyane)



  • Grimm stories - The fairy-tales of the brothers Grimm (





  • List of fairy tales - with links (Wikipedia)

  • Myths & Legends: Cartoon Resources
    Heracles and the Hydra / King Midas / The Trojan Horse / King Arthur
    (Primary Resources)


  • Présentations PowerPoint (
    3ème LV1 : Lecture collective d'une nouvelle

    (le début du premier épisode de la nouvelle "Something for Nothing" dans le manuel Move Up 3ème LV1, Nathan.)
  • Tale Spinners - with mp3 audio files
    William Tell - Snow White - The Ugly Duckling - The Story of Beethoven -
    The Little Mermaid - Rip Van Winkle...
  • 'Comics / Comic strips'

  • Myths from Around the World
    India - China - Japan - Southeast Asia - Greece -
    Rome - Celtic Lands - Norse Lands - Africa - Egypt -
    The Near East - North America - Central America - South America - Oceania & Australia


  • Folktales
    "Discover a variety of folktale resources, including online books, writing prompts, interviews with storytellers,
    international folktale exchanges, ideas for units and lesson plans, and much more!"

    (Education World)


  • The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project (
    "The Baldwin Project was named in honor of writer and editor James Baldwin (1841-1925).
    It includes e-text of children's literature that is in the public domain including Nursery Rhymes, Fables, Folk Tales, Myths,
    Legends and Hero Stories, Literary Fairy Tales, Bible Stories, Nature Stories, Biography, History, Fiction, Poetry,
    Storytelling, Games, and Craft Activities.
    Books are also grouped into several themes: Articles include guides to book selections such as Christmas books, world history, the World Series, descriptive science, and making of England;
    Unit Studies include lists for ancient Rome and Greece, Britain and Norse; and Curricula lists books appropriate for grades kindergarten through grade six.
    The e-text can be printed with large text for young children and smaller text for older children.
    The site is rounded out with links to other Internet libraries and reference sites." (Education World)
  • Two friends - a story (
    On peut écouter chaque mot séparément.


  • Short stories (
    - all stories : list by rating - list by author - list by date added - list by length

  • Between the Lions Stories (PBS)
    "consists of Stories, Games, Things to Print, Songs...
    There are at least 70 stories that you can read and watch online.
    Each story links to related games. You can also print the story."
  • Stories (racontées avec des symboles) :
    The Crafty Fox - The Greedy Fox - A Stitch in Time - More Haste Less Speed - Theseus and the Minotaur
    - Theseus' Challenge - etc





  • Stories - illustrated
    Jataka tales from India and Nepal - Latin American Trickster Tales - Tales of Terror from Argentina - Forest Folklore - Magical Myths from Mexico - Changes and Colombia - Conflict and Cooperation
    - Storytellers of the French-speaking World (La Fontaine's Fables...)
    WITH Curriculum suggestions -

    "Click on the unit titles in bold for printable thematic units including lesson plans, vocabulary cards, and copymasters for all stories."




  • Legends (
    "a journey through the worlds of Robin Hood, King Arthur, D'Artagnan, and other swashbuckling characters of balladry, fiction, and film, from the shores of Avalon to the dungeons of Zenda."




Vocabulary :


Pictures :


“15 Fairytales From Around the World”






Fairy Tale Flashcards

Fairy Tale Vocab

Ex: La bonne fée /
The good fairy/fairy godmother