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  • Open Book by The Rakes :
    "You are not an open book
    I can't do nothing 'bout that
    But I'm worried, I'm overdrawn...
    The longer you are far from me
    The more I drift away"

    - with the video (YouTube)
  • You Can't Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover by The Monkees :
    "You can't judge an apple by lookin' at the tree.
    Can't judge a honey by lookin' at the bee.
    Can't judge a daughter by lookin' at the mother.
    You can't judge a book by lookin' at the cover."






  • The Bookmobile
    "At eight years old, Storm Reyes was already working full time with other migrant farm workers in the fields outside Tacoma, Washington.
    One day, a bookmobile arrived and brought her new worlds — and hope."




  • Book Pages Could Provide Safe Drinking Water for Millions - VIDEO
    "The expression "a thirst for knowledge" may soon have a new meaning for millions of people who have no way to get clean water.
    Researchers have developed a book with specially treated pages that can make water safe to drink."


  • The Editor
    "Nobody knows what we do... so, a homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images."

    "Video editors have one of the most misunderstood and underappreciated jobs in the entertainment industry, and the fact that most people are unaware of how important their work is to the look of a feature film leaves editors feeling like faceless nobodies.
    So let’s change all that by revealing what a video editor actually does with an eye pleasing animated video by Dave Penn for Inside The Edit."



  • Getting the Book Invented
    "Animation for a competition run by the Literary Platform to design motion graphics to accompany a prophetic recording by Douglas Adams from back in 1993 detailing the invention of the electronic book."



  • OREO - Whisper Fight
    "When grown men whisper-fight about OREO cookies in a library, everyone wins..."



  • Book People Unite
    "We've brought together some of our most beloved literary characters to rally people behind the Book People Unite movement and help get books in the hands of kids who need them the most. Join the movement at
    Starring: Pinocchio, Madeline, Greg (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Rip Van Winkle, LeVar Burton, Three Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Curious George, Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Goldilocks and the three bears, Captain Ahab, Three Pigs, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Babar the Elephant, Mr Men, Little Miss, Mr Tickle, Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr Tall, Peter (The Snowy Day), The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Black Beauty.
    Music produced by: The Roots..."



  • Reuters Video: The book with 11 different endings + TRANSCRIPT
    "A new digital novel goes on sale on the internet on March 19 which for the first time offers readers the choice of 11 different endings.
    We meet the UK author behind the unique project. Hayley Platt reports."


  • Funny Library Montage (YouTube)
    "Video supercut of library scenes from popular films and television series..."
    See the list below the video on YouTube.




  • Libraries will survive
    "Inspired by the 1978 disco hit "I Will Survive", the lyrics were rewritten to proclaim support for libraries, particularly
    under the stress of tight budgets.
    It begins with a send-up of a typically hectic day in the life of a professional librarian."




    New Spice | Study like a scholar, scholar
    "Do you want to be a scholar? Then study at the Harold B. Lee Library. Do your research here, study here, and be a scholar!"

    "Hello scholars. Look at your grades. Now look at mine. Now back at your grades. Now back to mine. Sadly, they’re not like mine.
    But if you stopped studying in a cave and started studying like me, they could be like mine.
    The Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University made this commercial promoting itself in imitation of the popular Old Spice commercials."




    Two authors tell about creativity -VIDEOS
    - Elizabeth GILBERT ("an American journalist and writer - a memoirist, a short story writer and novelist")
    - Amy TAN