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The world's most beautiful libraries – in pictures
- 1 August 2018
"In a new Taschen book, the Italian photographer
Massimo Listri travels around the world to some
of the oldest libraries,
revealing a treasure trove of unique and imaginative architecture"
+ ‘Spectacular’ ancient public library discovered in Germany





Panoramic portraits of American libraries – in pictures
- 15 March 2017
"American photographer Thomas R Schiff uses
a panoramic camera to capture epic pictures
of libraries across the US.
The Library Book,
published by Aperture, features
buildings across the country from the earliest institutions
to modernist architecture,
tracing the evolution of the library as central
to American culture.
It is accompanied by an exhibition
at the Aperture Foundation
in New York City until 20 April."



Ten of the most beautiful modern libraries in the world
- with pictures - 10 October 2017
"With the rise of smartphones and Wikipedia, concerns have grown that buildings full of books will become obsolete.
But many of the best and biggest libraries have been built
since the millennium."


The most beautiful libraries in America – in pictures
"After two years and $12m, the New York Public Library reopened the Rose main reading room and Bill Blass public catalog room at the Stephen A Schwarzman Building. There are thousands of libraries across the US, which are public, private and university-owned, varied in design and size
– here are some of the best."


The Library of Congress in Washington,
the oldest cultural institution in the US,
holding more than 130m items.


The Coldest Library in America Is Made of Ice
- It can be found in Madison, Wisconsin





62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries




Detroit Public Library
- Skillman Branch 
"The fountain of wisdom flows through books."

+ "The wealth of the mind is the only true wealth."


Kansas City Public Library
See Wikipedia.

Photo Collection: French Futurist Predictions

from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, circa 1910.