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  • World Book Day - a lesson
    "In this integrated skills lesson, learners learn about World Book Day.
    First they work in pairs, reading and writing to complete a text about World Book Day.
    Then they read clues and complete a book-themed crossword (and find a mystery word).
    The learners will then use a simple model to write about their own favourite book and add an illustration, using some of the vocabulary they have practised.
    Finally they will read their texts in class or record themselves reading the texts.
    There is an optional activity of making a display with the final texts."

    Level: A2+
    Time: 50-60 minutes


  • Monsters University: Modal for Advice - Should (not), Ought (not) to
    "This segment shows a stereotyped librarian and the way she acts when somebody disturbs her.
    I used this scene to have students use should (ought to) in a contextualized way. I think this scene is hilarious."



  • The "Solved" Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg 
    "Students have been asked to consider one of the images, its title and its caption and then to propose a possible story that tells what happened before and after the corresponding image."


    The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
     (1984) "is a picture book by the American author Chris Van Allsburg consisting of a series of unrelated, highly detailed images in the author's distinctive style. Each image is accompanied by a title and a single line of text, which compel readers to create their own stories."


  • Libraries - Listen! - with the transcript and activities (

  • Super Heroes (US Comics) - lesson plan / webquest (prof.danglais)

  • Writing a bilingual short story - un travail proposé par Céline Matus (Ac. Nancy-Metz)
    "Objectif : faire écrire une nouvelle en langues anglaise et française
    à des élèves de 4ème section européenne anglais et les regrouper en un recueil qui sera distribué à chaque élève.
    Mode de travail : les élèves travaillent par groupe de trois."





  • Super Heroes (US Comics) - lesson plan / webquest (prof.danglais)