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Violence in Ferguson, Mo. - Malala YOUSAFZAI -




  • Prince George raked in 706 gifts during royal tours in 2014, seven times the Queen’s haul
    "Among the more unusual items were an academic cloak and sheepskin boots.
    The vast majority of gifts were books, clothes and toys, including a cuddly bilby he memorably threw away during a visit to a zoo in Sydney.
    In Australia and New Zealand, members of the public gave him 249 toys and games, 138 items of clothing, 143 books,
    25 pieces of sporting equipment and 11 “household items.”...



  • Top News Stories of 2014 - Text + Audio
    "The spread of the Ebola virus, and its almost 8,000 deaths, was probably the biggest news story of the year. Other major stories included tragedy and terrorism. Children were the victims in much of the bad news of 2014."

  • Pictures of the Year: UK
    "We've picked out a selection of our favourite pictures taken during the past year around the United Kingdom. Some are dramatic moments, others have a touch of humour, but all sum up the past 12 months."
  • Pictures of the Year: 2014
    "We've picked a selection of our favourite pictures taken during the past year around the world. Some are dramatic moments, others have a touch of humour, but all sum up the past 12 months."

  • You draw the news: 2014
    "This year has seen the emergence of Islamic State, the Ebola outbreakin West Africa, and the crisis in Ukraine. We have also had the landing of the Philae probe on Comet 67P, and the 100th anniversary of World War One, with many of these events inspiring you to take pen to paper."


  • 2014, explained in 4 minutes
    "A deadly virus gained a foothold in new territory; A terrorist group deemed too extreme by Al Qaeda invaded Iraq with ease; and long-standing tensions flared into new violence in Gaza, taking a huge civilian toll.
    In the United States, widespread protests of police misconduct amid big strides for marriage equality and marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, people all over the world doused themselves with buckets of ice water and a teenage girl won the Nobel Peace Prize."


  • UN: 2014 Worst Year Ever for Children - Text + Audio
    "Agency estimates 230 million children live in countries and areas affected by conflict; says children have been forced to become soldiers and sold as sex slaves. The spread of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone has caused the deaths of the parents of thousands of children."



  • Numbers of the year 2014
    "What were the most significant, eye-catching or startling numbers of 2014? Several experts name their favourites, and explain why."






  • Ebola Is Top Health Story for 2014
    "The Ebola outbreak that began in 2014 is very different than all that came before.This time, Ebola is sickening thousands of people in West Africa. It crossed into cities and over national borders. The world reacted with shock and fear. And Ebola continues to kill."

  • What stories got you talking in 2014?
    "Washington politics and international incidents. A disappearing plane and a disease's sudden spread. Legalizations, celebrations – and the inexplicable attraction of a dumped bucket of ice water. These are some of the stories that dominated 2014..."






  • Ebola Fighters Are Time Magazine's Person Of The Year In 2014
    "These men and women did the hard and dangerous work in treating patients and protecting the rest of us," Gibbs told Matt Lauer.
    She applauded the fighters for demonstrating an "exceptionally great amount of courage and kindness and bravery."





  • Entertainers, Politicians and a Yogi: People We Lost in 2014 - Text + Audio + Video
    "Here are nine people who made a difference in their countries and around the world. We saw their movies, read their books, sang their songs, argued about their ideas, wore their clothes and did their yoga. Now, we say goodbye."

  • Famous faces who died in 2014
    "As ever, there were losses and tragedies across the entertainment industry in 2014 - notably the shocking deaths of Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman, as well as the UK's Rik Mayall. The year also saw the passing of legends, including cultural giants Maya Angelou and Mike Nichols and screen stars Lauren Bacall and Mickey Rooney."


  • Notable global deaths 2014 - VIDEO
    "The motor racing champion who built his own winning car - a child star who became an international diplomat - a comedian who was not afraid to speak her mind - and a newspaper editor who helped bring down a president.





  • 2014: The year in design
    "From smarter contact lenses to greener bridges, we look at some of the designs over the past 12 months pushing the boundaries of what’s possible."




  • The Top Technology Stories of 2014
    "Today, we look back at some of the top technology stories from 2014. From the introduction of new Apple products to new innovations in three-dimensional printing, 2014 featured many moments of technological developments."

  • Technology's biggest trends of 2014
    "It has been a busy year for technology innovation with wearable devices, connected machines and drones all being offered to consumers.
    However, 2014 has also seen an increasing number of bugs and hacks affecting technology users."



  • The science news highlights of 2014
    "From landing on a comet to the discovery of the world's biggest dinosaur, it was an eventful year in science and environment news. Here's a selection of 2014's highlights - and you can see the year in pictures here."








  • Party Like It's '1989' - The Music of 2014 - Text + Audio + Videos
    "As 2014 comes to an end, we look back at some of the most popular music of the year. We also bring to your attention some music you may have missed from Lenny Kravitz, Pinnick Gales Pridgen, Crobot, Nonpoint and Sevendust."




  • YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014
    "Celebrating the moments, memes, and people that made 2014."

    "YouTube stars got together, like they do every year, to mashup the music and memes of the year before we turn out calendars.
    The music is pretty good, but it’s a couple minutes into the video before we see any recognizable memes- and then they are overwhelmed by TV stars. Maybe 2014 on the internet won’t be as memorable as some other years. Maybe we’re all just a little too jaded. 
    A list of all the folks who contributed can be found at the YouTube page."







  • The 10 best films of the year - 19 December 2014
    10. Whiplash
    9 Birdman
    8. The Lego Movie

    7. Boyhood
    6. A Most Wanted Man
    5. Guardians of the Galaxy
    4. Selma
    3. The Grand Budapest Hotel
    2. Foxcatcher
    1. Get On Up
  • Talking Movies' top 10 films of 2014 - 18 December 2014
    10. Selma
    9. Mr Turner
    8. The Immigrant
    7. Nightcrawler
    6. Citizenfour
    5. Ida
    4. The Imitation Game
    3. Wild Tales
    2. Boyhood
    1. The Grand Budapest Hotel




  • 2014 World events quiz
    "In our monthly lesson plan for December, students think back on world events in 2014.
    They join in a team quiz with 12 questions about each month in 2014 and then research and create a new 2014 quiz for their peers."




  • 2014 - YEAR in REVIEW (.zip) by Karine GAVOILLE (Ac. Nancy-Metz)
    "Dans le fichier zip, vous trouverez :
    - une fiche élève,
    - une fiche correction
    - et un diaporama pour la correction."