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Walls, Barriers and Fences


  • Crossing the US border – in pictures - 30 March 2018
    "The photographer John Moore has focused on all aspects of undocumented immigration to the United States along its border with Mexico for the past decade. His access to immigrants during their journey, and to US federal agents tasked with deterring them, sets his pictures apart. Moore has photographed the entire length of the southern border, and traveled extensively throughout Central America and Mexico."

  • Forget the fence: these are the real markers of the US-Mexico border – in pictures - 11 December 2017
    "The 276 monuments marking the US-Mexico border were erected after the Mexican-American war which ended in 1848.
    David Taylor, an Arizona-based artist and professor, set out to photograph them all in 2007 – a seven-year task that took him
    from the Texas, New Mexico and Chihuahua border to the Pacific Ocean, passing through cities and remote mountainous terrain."

  • One Man’s Effort to Guard the US-Mexico Border - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 12 March 2017
    "American Glenn Spencer left his home in California for a reason: “to help secure the border” between the U.S. and Mexico.
    He uses a drone to track people trying to cross the border. He said he has discovered and reported thousands of people at the border over the past 15 years."

  • Cut in two: travels along the US-Mexico border – a photo essay - 23 February 2017
    "Borderproject2017 aims to document life on both sides of the US/Mexico border. Three AFP photographers, Jim Watson, Yuri Cortez, and Guillermo Arias, spent ten days travelling along the 2,000 mile frontier from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico" by Agence France-Presse and "

  • Call of duty: One woman's life in Mexico's border force - with pictures - 21 February 2017
    "The U.S. remains a popular destination for immigrants from Africa. The number of African immigrants coming to the U.S. more than doubled since 2000, according to the U.S.-based Pew Research Center. It said that as of 2015, 2.1 million African-born people were living in America."

  • Crossing the border
    "These photographs of the Mexico-US border - and the migrant workers trying to cross it - were taken in October 2016.
    They're the work of Italian photographer Alessandro Grassani."

  • Illegal Immigrants Face Dangerous Mexican / US Border — One Story
    "They leave their communities and loved ones behind for a better life in the United States. The journey is perilous and survival is not guaranteed.
    Illegal immigration. Which side of the fence are you on? Walk in the footsteps of these Migrants."



  • The US Mexican border (pdf)
    PROJECT: Crossing La Linea Prohibida
    Activités langagières niveau A2 / B1 CECRL
    (Ac. Grenoble)
  • HISTOIRE DES ARTS 2014 /2015 - 3°C & D (pdf)
    - En quoi la question de la frontière Etats-Unis / Mexique peut-elle être source d'inspiration pour les artistes ?
    - En quoi l'ouevre d'art reflète-t-elle ou critique-t-elle le pouvoir ou la société ?

    - (En quoi les super-héros sont-ils représentatifs de la société américaine ?)
    (Ac. Grenoble)
  • Through the Wall
    "A short documentary about a family divided by the US/Mexico border..."



  • Drug Traffickers Dig Tunnel Into US - Text + Audio - 29 March 2016
    "It began at a restaurant in Mexicali, Mexico and ended at a house in a quiet part of Calexico, California.
    Police have been watching it since it began being used in February. More than 75 tunnels have been found along the border in the last five years."

  • Inside US-Mexico border 'drug tunnel' - VIDEO
    "Security forces in Mexico have discovered an underground tunnel leading to the United States.
    The unfinished tunnel, in the border city of Tijuana, is believed to have been built by the Sinaloa cartel with the aim of smuggling drugs into America."

  • The Fence - VIDEO
    "Photographer Charles Ommanney drove nearly 2000 miles along the US-Mexico border from Brownsville, TX to San Diego, CA
    where he photographed and filmed the border fence, and gathered testimony from US citizens along the border.
    The result is a unique perspective on the immigration debate through a conceptual exploration
    of the economic, political, environmental, and humanitarian costs of the construction of this fence."

  • Mixed Signals at US Border with Mexico - Text + Audio
    "Since last October, tens of thousands of children have entered the United States without a parent or legal guardian.
    This was two times the number as the year before."

  • BORDERLAND - " We Took A 2,428-Mile Road Trip Along The Mexico Border: Here's What We Saw."


  • US-Mexico immigration: Even oceans have borders - 17 December 2011
    "The US government is erecting a fence in the ocean to divide California from Tijuana, Mexico.
    Immigration and environmental activists say it is a costly, dangerous endeavour that will do little to keep out unauthorised migrants."


  • Border Deaths - 6 September 2010
    "in Arizona may break a record. This year, 170 bodies have been found in Pima County; many of those cannot be identified. Some expected tougher immigration policies to deter people from trying to cross the desert into the U.S. This year, Arizona became known as the state with the toughest policies against illegal immigration."

  • US to send National Guard to Mexican border in August 2010
    "The 1,200 troops, ordered to the border by President Barack Obama,
    form part of efforts to tackle illegal immigration and drug-trafficking."


  • Armchair deputies enlisted to patrol US-Mexico border - 26 December 2009
    Virtual sheriffs - Patrolling the US-Mexico border on the web
    "When John Spears gets home from his sales job in New York, he sits down at his computer with a bottle of beer and starts patrolling the US border...
    He is one of tens of thousands of people around the world who are volunteering to patrol the 1250-mile long (2000 km) stretch between Texas and Mexico via the web."


  • A Harsh Path of Hope - AUDIO and Animation (The New York Times)
    - What a migrant experiences
    "A multimedia journey along the perilous route chosen by illegal immigrants to the United States since border security has been increased."

  • The US / Mexico border at night (
    - with photos

"shoes that are used to throw off the Border Patrol
by looking like cow hoof prints"