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  • Top 10 books about exile - 3 November 2016
    "From Colm Tóibín’s story of renewal in Brooklyn to Mourid Barghouti’s desolate experience in Palestine, these stories show some of the many meanings of home and its loss."


  • The Other Side of Truth "is a children's novel about Nigerian political refugees by Beverley Naidoo, published in 2000.
    A powerful story about justice and freedom of speech, it received several awards including the Carnegie Medal.
    The novel is set in the autumn of 1995 during the reign of the despot General Abacha who is waging a campaign of suppression against journalists.
    A Nigerian girl and her younger brother have to leave Nigeria suddenly when their mother is killed during an assassination attempt on their outspoken journalist father. They are abandoned in London and have to cope with the police, social services and school bullies."


    The Other Side of Truth - Worksheets

    "Tell a lie, play with fire. But don’t complain about the smoke!"

  • The Other Hand, also known as Little Bee,
    "is a 2008 novel by British author Chris Cleave. It is a dual narrative story about a Nigerian asylum-seeker and a British magazine editor, who meet during the oil conflict in the Niger Delta, and are re-united in England several years later. Cleave, inspired as a university student by his temporary employment in an asylum detention centre, wrote the book in an attempt to humanise the plight of asylum-seekers in Britain. The novel examines the treatment of refugees by the asylum system, as well as issues of British colonialismglobalization, political violence and personal accountability."

    Meet novelist Chris Cleave.




  • South Sudan conflict: Poet Emi Mahmoud on Uganda refugee landmark - VIDEO - 17 August 2017
    "More than one million South Sudanese refugees have now fled into Uganda to escape the conflict, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).
    Slam poet Emi Mahmoud, whose family were forced to leave Sudan when she was a child, performs a poem reflecting on the landmark."

  • Migration across the Mediterranean: A poem - VIDEO - 21 April 2015
    "Nour is a Syrian who fled the conflict in his country. He spent 11 days at a sea crossing from Egypt to Italy.
    This is the poem he wrote about his experience, told to BBC Arabic."




  • Deanna Rodger 'Being British'
    "Co-host Deanna Rodger performing her anti BNP statement piece 'Being British' at Tilt's London Liming:
    A Come Rhyme With Me Special at Rich Mix London, 09/02/12."



  • Daniel J. Hall "(born 1952) is an award-winning American poet."

    "To sail on an ocean
    My child always wanted to sail on an ocean
    I look unto you now
    And can only imagine how your dream has been poisoned
    With the salt blistering your skin
    And a look of bewildered terror

    Faith hammers cantankerously at the table
    And demands such fear of the young
    Who clutch their hands, so aware 
    Of the black mass which swells beneath them
    And which I cannot urge them to forget

    Those voices lost in the void
    On a wind which on other days may serve as the breeze
    To a family holiday, or a yachtsman’s paradise
    But now only carries the howls of a nightmare

    All will be fine, the words cannot ring true even to my ear
    As custodian what hell I have brought you to
    A hell which you cannot understand
    But have accepted, though trust ought abandon you

    To see new lands
    My brother always wanted to see new lands
    But not to flee his own
    You charge into peril
    But what land greets you now,
    A land with arms open or a closed fist?
    Robbed of a country and an identity.
    To be the strength of your convictions
    To be the strength of your convictions said my grandfather
    But now I have no strength."









Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan