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  • Great Australian photographs: Migrants by David Moore – an audio essay - 7 May 2017
    "In the latest chapter in our audiovisual series on celebrated Australian photographs, we look at the famous photograph
    by David Moore documenting the arrival of migrants at Sydney’s Circular Quay."


  • Returning Somali Refugees Rebuild Lives - Text + Audio - 7 December 2016
    "Thousands of refugees are returning to cities in Somalia. They spent many years in camps in nearby countries including Kenya.
    They are looking for food, shelter and jobs."


  • Refugees Improve English Skills While Waiting for Resettlement - Text + Audio - 6 December 2016
    "The resettlement process for refugees can take years. While they are waiting, some Hazara refugees in Indonesia are building English language skills to pass the time."

  • UN Warns of Worsening Situation for Displaced Afghans - Text + Audio + Video - 27 November 2016
    "More than one million people may need help to survive the country’s harsh winter."


  • How the Technology Industry Is Helping Refugees - Text + Audio - 2 November 2016
    "A growing number of people are using computer software and other technology to support the needs of immigrants worldwide.
    Many of these people already work in the technology industry. Some observers are calling this new movement digital humanitarianism."


  • EU Launches New Border Force to Slow New Arrivals - Text + Audio + Photos + Video - 10 October 2016
    "The European Union has launched a new border force to control the flow of refugees and migrants entering its territory.
    The force includes 1,500 border guards who can quickly deploy to areas seeing a sharp increase in migrant activity."


  • Migration Out of the Middle East Shows No Signs of Slowing - Text + Audio - 6 October 2016

    Hundreds of migrants stuck in Serbia set off on foot toward the border with Hungary
    to protest its closure for most people trying to reach the European Union.

  • US Rushes to Admit Refugees Before End of September - Text + Audio - 20 September 2016
    "The effort to bring more Syrians fleeing violence in their country has made September the busiest month for arrivals in 10 years."

  • UNICEF: 50 Million Children Displaced Worldwide -Text + Audio - 11 September 2016
    "The United Nations group that advocates for children reported nearly 50 million children are refugees."

  • Brazil Welcomes Refugees - Text + Audio + Video - 18 August 2016
    "Before Europe began accepting people fleeing conflict in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Brazil was one of the few countries that would give Syrians and Palestinians a visa. Since 2013, thousands have arrived."

  • Syrian Refugees Seek to Complete Their Higher Education Text + Audio - 13 August 2016
    "More than one million refugees live in Lebanon. Some Lebanese do not want them there.
    The refugees also face difficult living conditions and restrictions on job opportunities."

  • Travelers Detail Dangerous Escape from South Sudan - Text + Audio - 14 July 2016
    "Travelers and refugees fled South Sudan due to recent fighting. They arrived in Uganda and told of their difficult and dangerous journey."

  • Kenya Hosts Refugee Olympic Athletes - Text + Audio + Video - 27 June 2016
    "When the Olympics begin in August, there will be a team of refugees competing together.
    They will walk into the opening ceremony carrying the Olympic flag. Some of them are training in Kenya."

  • UNICEF: Increase in Refugee Children Fleeing to Europe - Text + Audio - 26 June 2016
    "An increase of children – many traveling alone – are attempting to escape to Europe, the United Nations Children’s Fund reports.
    Many of those children tell of violence, starvation and other dangers they faced along the way."

  • Syrian Youth Perform at Refugee Camp - Text + Audio + Video - 21 June 2016
    "They are young people who have fled the war in Syria with their families. They recently sang and danced in a talent show in the large Arbat refugee camp in the Kurdistan area of northern Iraq."

  • UN: 24 People Displaced Every Minute - Text + Audio + Video - 20 June 2016
    "At the end of 2015, the world had more than 65.3 million displaced people. That’s the largest number since World War II, according to the United Nations.
    The problem worsened in 2015 largely because of continuing conflicts in Syria and Somalia, and opposition to resettlement efforts in some nations."

  • Obama Short on Goal for 10,000 Syrian Refugees - Text + Audio - 15 June 2016
    "President Barack Obama set a goal of the United States accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees by October 1. But the process has been slowed
    – in part because of political opposition and also because of the time it takes to complete security investigations and health exams."

  • 700 Migrants Feared Dead in Mediterranean - Text + Audio - 31 May 2016
    "Up to 700 migrants are believed to have died in the past week crossing the Mediterranean Sea, the United Nations said Tuesday.
    At least three boats sank in the biggest death toll for migrants in more than a year. Thousands of others were rescued."

  • Kenya to Close World’s Largest Refugee Camp - Text + Audio - 16 May 2016
    "Kenya has announced plans to close the world’s largest refugee camp.
    It says the camp poses a security threat that could lead to terrorist attacks. An estimated 330,000 refugees will be affected by the closure.
    The U.N. refugee agency and human rights groups want Kenya to keep the camp open."

  • Documentary Explores Conditions at Australian Detention Camps - Text + Audio - 8 May 2016
    "A film about Australia’s asylum policy raises questions about how detainees and their families are treated in two detention centers.
    An Australian filmmaker debuted her film, Chasing Asylum, last week."

  • Cambodian Immigrants in US Struggle With Mental Health - Text + Audio - 5 May 2016
    "About 100,000 refugees from Cambodia settled in the United States, starting in the 1970s and ending in the 1990s.
    Many of them have struggled with poverty and mental health problems. They also felt separated from the rest of society."

  • Burnings Bring Attention to Asylum-Seekers in Australian Camps - Text + Audio - 4 May 2016
    "A 21-year-old Somali refugee is critically injured after setting herself on fire on Nauru, a tiny South Pacific republic.
    Australia operates a detention camp on the island. Some people are criticizing Australia for its refugee policy."

  • Italy: NATO Force to Deploy in Mediterranean - Text + Audio - 30 April 2016
    "More than 16,000 people successfully crossed the sea from North Africa to Italy in the first three months of 2016; that is almost twice as many as the same period in 2015."

  • Silicon Valley Start-Ups Fueled by Immigrants - Text + Audio - 25 April 2016
    "Besides established companies, there are many small companies trying to get started. These businesses are known as start-ups.
    Some of the people behind the start-ups are immigrants from countries like Sri Lanka, Taiwan and China."

  • Up to 500 Refugees Feared Dead After Boat Sinks - Text + Audio - 21 April 2016
    "Refugees interviewed by the United Nations and various news agencies say a boat carrying up to 500 people may have sunk in the Mediterranean Sea.
    The United Nations’ refugee agency says the boat was bound for Europe from Libya. It carried people from Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria and Egypt."

  • Iraqi Refugees From IS Share Their Stories - Text + Audio - 18 April 2016
    "The group known as the Islamic State have forced millions of people to flee the places they called home. But some people did not leave right away.
    They lived under the strict rule of the militants for several years before the situation became too difficult for them. Now they share their stories."

  • Turks Questioning Migrant Deal with EU - Text + Audio - 7 April 2016
    "Last month, Turkey reached a deal with the European Union to take back migrants who had entered Europe through Greece.
    As the migrants arrive, some Turks are concerned about the deal especially after a number of deadly terrorist bombings in the country."

  • Claim: Turkey Sending Refugees Back to Syria - Text + Audio - 3 April 2016
    "Amnesty International says Turkey has been forcing about 100 refugees back to Syria every day since January.
    The rights group recently released a report that said many people in southern Turkey know about the forced removals."

  • Refugees: Turkish Officials Becoming More Violent - Text + Audio - 21 March 2016
    "Refugees from the Middle East who have recently entered Greece say Turkish police and coast guard members are dealing with them more forcefully.
    They say Turkish officials are trying to stop people from crossing the Aegean Sea."

  • Syrian Refugees Continue to Flee to Greece - Text + Audio - 21 March 2016
    "Hundreds of mostly Syrian migrants entered Greece Sunday after the European Union and Turkey reached an agreement to return them to Turkey.
    Witnesses said almost 900 refugees - including Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans - entered four islands in the Aegean Sea."

  • One-Third of Innovators in US Are Immigrants - Text + Audio - 17 March 2016
    "Thirty-five percent of those responsible for some of the most important discoveries made in the US were born in other countries.
    But they are less than 14 percent of the population."

  • Anti-Immigrant Party Wins Seats in Germany - Text + Audio - 15 March 2016
    "The Alternative for Deutschland party won seats in three German election. The new party opposes mass immigration to Germany and is at odds with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open immigration policy."

  • Tensions Rise in Greek Refugee Camp - Text + Audio - 15 March 2016
    "Few of the nearly 16,000 refugees living in the camp understand that the EU and Turkey have reached a limited agreement. The EU will take one Syrian refugee from Turkey for each Syrian refugee that Turkey takes from Greece. EU leaders will meet soon to discuss the plan."

  • Migrants Being Helped to Leave Libya - Text + Audio - 15 March 2016
    "A recent United Nations report said government officials, armed groups and smugglers have violated the rights of migrants in Libya. Many migrants have been detained without charges for long periods and have been tortured, forced to work without pay, and have suffered other kinds of abuse."

  • Protecting Migrant Workers Helps Host Countries - Text + Audio - 6 March 2016
    "A U.N. report by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific says countries in that area host 59 million migrants. But, the report urges
    Asia-Pacific countries to develop better policies to protect the rights of migrants. Such measure can increase economic gains to host countries."

  • Don't Come to Europe, EC Chief Tells Migrants - Text + Audio - 6 March 2016
    "Immigrants and refugees should not flee to Europe, says European Council President Donald Tusk.
    His trips to Greece and Turkey brought attention to migration from the Middle East into Europe."

    EC = European Council
  • Refugee Crisis Could Explode Violently in Europe - Text + Audio - 6 March 2016
    "The agency says there are 24,000 refugees and migrants in Greece in need of shelter, including about 8,500 people near the border with Macedonia.
    It says the crowded conditions are leading to shortages of food, shelter, water and sanitation...
    That warning comes from UNHCR, or the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees."

  • IOC Approves Refugee Olympic Team - Text + Audio - 3 March 2016
    "For the first time, a team of refugees will compete at the Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee approved a plan this week for a team
    of up to 10 Refugee Olympic Athletes. The news of the Refugee Olympic Athletes became a trending topic on social media Thursday."

    IOC = International Olympic Committee
  • Immigrants Learn to Lose Their Accents - Text + Audio - 2 March 2016
    "Even well-educated foreigners who speak English fluently can be difficult to understand.
    Portland, Maine, gives a free class to help them reduce their accents."
  • New Land, New Customs - Text + Audio - 16 February 2016
    "Thousands of migrants from places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan entered Europe in 2015.
    Many of these people have trouble finding their place among this new and different cultures.
    VOA Learning English looks at some common situations visitors to the United States face and how to deal with them."

  • Stranded Cuban Migrants Arrive in US - Text + Audio - 24 January 2016
    "The first of thousands of Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica have entered the United States. As many as 8,000 Cuban migrants have been stuck in Costa Rica for several months. They said they feared that they would miss the opportunity to seek asylum in the U.S."

  • Cameron Calls for Female Immigrants to Learn English - Text + Audio - 20 January 2016
    "David Cameron says beginning in October, women entering the country to join their husbands will have to learn English within 30 months. His political opponents and Muslim groups strongly criticized the plan. He says it will help women who are isolated at home."

  • German Officials Suspect 18 Asylum Seekers in New Year's Attacks - Text + Audio - 8 January 2015
    "Two of the 31 suspects are German. Nine are Algerian, eight are from Morocco, five are Iranian, and four are Syrians.
    The remaining three are from Iraq, Serbia and the United States.
    The German Justice Minister said any asylum seekers found guilty in the attacks could be deported."

  • Sweden, Denmark Block Borders to Stop Migrants - Text + Audio - 4 January 2016
    "A borderless Europe is no more this new year as two Scandinavian countries begin to impose border checks on visitors."

  • Refugees in Hong Kong Face Slim Odds for Asylum - Text + Audio - 23 December 2015
    "More than 10,000 people seeking asylum make Hong Kong their home. The odds of being granted asylum is slim.
    Today’s Hong Kong refugees are mostly from India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Africa. They live in poverty on animal farms and slums."

  • Burundi Refugees Asked to Fight Their Own People - Text + Audio - 21 December 2015
    "While thousands flee from war-torn Burundi, refugees – some only children – are being recruited to fight against their homeland.
    A report from Refugees International, a humanitarian organization that helps refugees, confirmed
    that armed groups in Rwanda are recruiting Burundians in refugee camps."

  • Refugees Describe Boko Haram Terror - Text + Audio - 20 December 2015
    "Refugee camps in Cameroon continue to see a steady stream of displayed civilian from both Nigeria and Cameroon as fighting against Boko Haram intensifies. They tell of terror group Boko Haram burning, looting, raping and murdering."

  • Refugees Lead Alabama Shrimp Industry - Text + Audio + Video - 30 October 2015
    "Forty years ago, many Southeast Asians fled war in their home countries and chose to come to the United States.
    Some got on ships that sailed to U.S. territory.
    Now, some of these people live in an American town that seems like an unlikely place for refugees to settle: Bayou La Batre, Alabama."

  • UN Says Four Million Refugees Have Left Syria - Text + Audio - 19 July 2015
    "The United Nations reported this month that the number of refugees fleeing conflict in Syria has reached four million.
    The UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees says that makes Syria the world’s biggest refugee crisis in a generation.
    The UNHCR warns the number of refugees could rise even higher."

  • African Refugees, Migrants Face Dangers in Yemen - Text + Audio - 16 July 2015
    "The United Nations says at least 1,670 civilians have been killed in Yemen since Saudi Arabia began its bombing campaign at the end of March.
    Aid agencies say the increase in fighting has worsened the humanitarian situation in the country."

  • Returning Afghan Refugees Face a Difficult Life - Text + Audio + Video - 5 June 2015
    "70,000 people have returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan this year. Many have no jobs, no support and no home.
    International aid agencies say they and the government are unable to help many of them.
    Some of the returning refugees must find food and shelter by themselves."

  • Asia’s Boat People: Smuggled or Trafficked? - Text + Audio + Video - 30 May 2015
    "Thousands of Rohingya and Bangladeshis were put on boats, but left at sea.
    News reports, government officials and observers have used words like “trafficking” and “smuggled” when describing the boat people.
    But the two words have very different meanings."

  • What Makes a Refugee? - Text + AUDIO
    "Thousands of children have traveled to the United States from Central America without one or both parents.
    Officials are struggling to deal with the situation. The growing number of arrivals has led to a debate over whether or not they can stay."



Rohingya crisis: Myanmar navy lands seized boat with 727 people on island
(23 MAY 2015)