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  • The Syrian refugee aiming to become an Olympic swimmer - 23 August 2018
    "Eid Aljazairli could not swim when he arrived in Britain from Damascus in 2016. Now he aims for Olympic glory"


  • The details of life in a refugee camp - with pictures - 6 August 2018
    "Since civil war broke out in South Sudan, in 2013, more than a million South Sudanese refugees have crossed the border into neighbouring Uganda.
    Tommy Trenchard's pictures focus on commonplace objects and details to convey day-to-day life in several refugee camps near the border."



  • Muppets Bring Middle East Version of ‘Sesame Street’ to Refugee Children - Text + Audio + Pictures - 24 April 2018
    "Sesame Workshop, is trying to help boys and girls now live in refugee camps after escaping fighting in places such as Syria and northern Iraq.
    The group is sending its lovable Muppets to the Middle East to help bring laughter and build strength in the affected children."

  • Melting pot: how migration fuelled Brazilian cuisine – in pictures - 02 December 2017
    "São Paulo was built by successive waves of migration, from the Portuguese to the Japanese and Italians, and in more recent years Lebanese, Syrians, Palestinians and Bolivians – a diversity celebrated in its burgeoning restaurant scene."

  • Interactive: Refugees’ Bags and Belongings
    "In the final part of our “Bags and Belongings,” Refugees Deeply senior editor Preethi Nallu explains the genesis of the series, in which Syrians describe what they brought with them and what they left behind. Read their stories in our interactive photo essay."


  • Tuhin Das: Poet, Activist and Writer in Exile - Text + Audio + Videos + Listening Quiz - 15 February 2017
    "Tuhin Das is a writer, activist and poet. Forced to leave his country, Bangladesh, Tuhin Das sought refuge at City of Asylum Pittsburgh, a sanctuary for endangered writers."


  • Migrant rescue worker: 'difficult conditions mean more casualties' - Article + Video - 15 January 2017

  • REFUGE: Human stories from the refugee crisis
    "A small team of filmmakers set out for Greece, documenting human stories from the frontlines of the European Refugee Crisis, focused on humanity and hope.
    The world was changing and we found ourselves at a crossroads in history, so we set out to help in the way that we knew best - with the telling, and sharing, of stories."



  • Anh Do: A portrait of Australia's 'happiest refugee' - 9 September 2016
    "His journey to Australia took him from tragedy to comedy.
    As a young boy, Anh Do escaped war-torn Vietnam aboard an overcrowded fishing boat.
    He has since built an impressive career in entertainment."

  • Lifelong Refugee Finds a Place to Call Home - Text + Audio + Video - 14 August 2016
    "For most of his life, Awadh Alsrya was a refugee. He was never a citizen of any country. Now, he finally has a place to call his home.
    Alsrya became a citizen of the United States last month on July 4, American Independence Day."

  • Last journey: The migrant who lost everything - Article + Photos + Video - 2 June 2016
    "Hundreds of migrants face huge debts and a logistical nightmare to repatriate the bodies of loved ones who have died during perilous sea crossings to Europe."


  • 'It was the natural thing to do': family who took Calais migrant into their home - 21 August 2015
    "Life under the same roof as a young man from a very different culture sometimes pushed their tolerance to the brink.
    He would occasionally criticise their 20-year-old daughter, telling her she should be married or cover her hair.
    “We had to explain to him that in France women and men have the same rights, that here we are a secular country.
    He would say yes, but I think it was difficult for him to understand,” says Linda."



  • AZAM:

    • How we found Azam - the 'lost' Syrian refugee boy - Article + Photos + Videos - 29 October 2015
      "Azam is a young Syrian boy who vanished from a hospital in Belgrade a month ago while on the refugee trail.
      The story sparked a social media campaign using the hashtag #FindAzam.
      After a week on the road - travelling from the bottom of Serbia to the top of Germany - the BBC's John Sweeney found Azam and his uncle."


    • Search for missing Azam: The madness of hope - 25 October 2015
      "The BBC's John Sweeney is on the refugee trail searching for a young Syrian boy, Azam.
      When they met last month in Serbia, Azam had a broken jaw and had been sent to hospital for treatment. Then he vanished.
      The search for Azam, reported by BBC Newsnight, has been taken up by thousands on social media using the hashtag #FindAzam."


  • Refugee reunion: BBC producer finds friend in Jordan camp - VIDEO - 27 October 2015
    "As journalists, BBC staff are often sent to cover difficult and emotional issues in an objective way, having to put aside personal feelings.
    But sometimes that can be difficult, especially when they find themselves personally involved in the story.
    BBC Arabic producer Mahmoud Ali Hamad grew up in Syria but now works in London.
    He travelled to a refugee camp in Jordan, where he found an old school friend and former next door neighbours stuck there."

  • Five migrant stories from Greece: The pull of Europe - 14 October 2015
    "Almost 600,000 refugees and migrants have made their way across the Mediterranean to Europe this year
    and the majority of those have landed on the Greek islands closest to Turkey."






  • Mission 4: City of Immigrants - a game
    "It is 1907. You are Lena Brodsky, a 14-year-old Jewish Immigrant from Russia. In your hometown of Minsk, the forces of the Tsar have pushed your family off their lands, and the violence of the pogroms looms large. Your brother Issac was the first to cross the Atlantic to seek a new life in the land of America, and you have followed in turn: a fourteen day trip across the entire world. You hope that you will prove yourself worthy of entering America. You hope that you can earn enough to send for your mother and father. You hope for a better future. There will be many obstacles in America, and many choices to be made. But it is, they say, the land of opportunity…"







  • 'Human Flow' Film Documents Refugees' Troubles - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 02 November 2017
    "Internationally known artist and activist Ai Weiwei shined a light on the troubles facing refugees around the world.
    His new film captures the large movement of displaced people on our planet. His goal is to show that the flood of refugees affects everyone."




  • "Fuocoammare" (Fire at Sea) wins Golden Bear for best film in Berlin - 20 February 2016
    "Gianfranco Rosi's documentary film "Fuocoammare" (Fire at Sea), about the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean off the Italian island of Lampedusa,
    won the Golden Bear prize for Best Film at the Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday."

    "Accepting the award for Fire at Sea (Fuocoammare) from the jury led by American actress Meryl Streep, Rosi said:
    "I hope to bring awareness. It's not acceptable that people die crossing the sea to escape from tragedies.
    The movie contrasts the ordeal of migrants as they make the sea crossing to Europe with the everyday life of the people of Lampedusa,
    to whom Rosi dedicated the film."




From the film: REFUGEE