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  • Exile and immigration - a lesson plan + answers

  • Ideas for E.L.L.s | Candidates for U.S. President on the Topic of Immigration by

  • Immigration - a lesson plan
    "This lesson is based on the topic of immigration. It can be a sensitive topic, which may generate strong opinions.
    Students are asked to discuss the reasons that people migrate, write a poem about immigration and try to put themselves in the position of a recent immigrant. They will also discuss opinions about different aspects of migration."

    Level: B1 +
    Time: 60 - 90 minutes
    Materials: Immigration lesson plan, student worksheet and discussion cards


  • Syrian Journey: Choose your own route
    "If you were fleeing Syria for Europe, what choices would you make for you and your family?
    Take our journey to understand the real dilemmas the migrants face."



  • Face the facts
    Teaching resources and worksheets for use in Australian classrooms

    Questions and Answers about Refugees, Migrants and Indigenous Peoples
  • The Empire Windrush Unit
    "The idea of this unit stems from a text given for the Baccalaureat on June 2004, extracted from "And Justice There Was None" by Deborah Crombie, 2002.
    Along with the study of this text, I created a few activities to help the students understand the circumstances of the arrival of the newcomers, and the difficulties they might have faced to settle in their new neighbourhood.
    It was particularly important for me to go further as I teach in the Caribbean island of Martinique which is located between two islands of the British Commonwealth, namely St Lucia and Dominica. This was therefore a great opportunity for me to teach my students about the history of their region..."

    (Laurence Bernard - Ac. Martinique)


  • Ellis Island and Immigration
    "Une séquence pédagogique de 53 pages avec des tableaux très complets, de nombreux documents allant des photos aux articles de presse
    permettant une variété de tâches et d'activités qui constituent un bel exemple de pédagogie dans l'esprit du CECRL."

    (Ac. Guadeloupe)
  • The Tenement Museum: Education
    Interactive activities about immigration and lesson plans
    "Invite students to learn about immigration by studying the stories of 97 Orchard Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, home to nearly seven thousand working class immigrants. Students will learn about the challenges those immigrants faced in making a new life, working for a better future, and starting a family with limited means. The lesson plans, available for elementary, middle, and high school, use everyday objects, primary sources, and oral histories to help students learn and understand immigration history..." (Education World)

  • Séance de niveau A2/B1 : Les vagues d’immigration aux Etats-Unis de 1789 au début du 20è siècle : Chronologie
    Vidéo - Audio - Exercices - A2/B1...

    "Adaptée d’une vidéo libre de droit de 1946 intitulée "Immigration" et disponible dans son intégralité [00:10:22] sur the Internet Archive ,
    cette séance de niveau A2/B1 consiste à restituer la chronologie des grandes vagues d’immigration vers les Etats-Unis de 1789 au début du 20è siècle. Elle s’appuie sur le début de la vidéo de [00:00:00] à [00:02:48]."



  • Immigration - Fiches d'activités pédagogiques : Niveau primaire / Niveau collège / Niveau lycée

  • Coming to America: Immigration Builds a Nation
    "Discover the United States all over again as you introduce your students to the two major waves of immigration that
    brought 34 million people to our nation's shores and spurred the greatest period of national change and growth."

    (Education World)






  • Ellis Island - a webquest - Niveau 3ème
    Sent by Géraldine Guiot (Ac. Orléans-Tours)

  • Ellis Island Webquest : PDF - WORD - with answers
    + Immigration - Writing : PDF - with answers
    sent by Isabelle AZAÏS (Ac. Toulouse)


  • ELLIS ISLAND WEBQUEST - INTERACTIVE (benedicte.mallet.free.fr)

  • Ellis Island webquest -
    "Cette activité consiste en une visite virtuelle d'Ellis Island où les élèves travailleront le vocabulaire associé à l'immigration et rédigeront une page de leur journal intime en tant qu'immigré ou officier de l'immigration."

    Lien direct
    (Ac. Orléans-Tours)



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