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  • Emigrants vs. Immigrants vs. Migrants
    "What’s the difference between an emigrant and an immigrant, and where do migrants fit in? The answer, for both questions, is that it’s a matter of direction."

  • US immigration debate: What is a sanctuary city? - 8 July 2015
    "The killing of an American woman last week by an undocumented Mexican man has reignited the debate over how "sanctuary cities"
    in the US deal with illegal immigrants. How do they work?"

  • US immigration debate: What is "a sanctuary city" ?
    "The killing of an American woman last week by an undocumented Mexican man has reignited the debate
    over how "sanctuary cities" in the US deal with illegal immigrants. How do they work?..
    The term applies to cities in the US that have policies in place to limit the assistance given to federal immigration authorities."
  • Immigrants, Emigrants, and Migrants
    "All three words trace their origin to the Latin verb migrare, “to remove from one place to another.” This common ancestor gives English four verbs:...
    The verbs yield several noun forms, some of which are also used as adjectives:..."

  • Immigration "is the movement of people into another country or region to which they are not native in order to settle there.[1] Immigration is a result of a number of factors, including economic and/or political reasons, family re-unification, natural disasters or the wish to change one's surroundings voluntarily."
  • Forced migration :
    = "Forced migration (also called deracination — originally a French word meaning uprooting) refers to the coerced movement of a person or persons away from their home or home region. It often connotes violent coercion, and is used interchangeably with the terms "displacement" or forced displacement..."

  • An immigrant :
    = "A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another."

  • A refugee "is a person who is outside his or her country of origin or habitual residence because they have suffered (or fear) persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or because they are a member of a persecuted 'social group' or because they are fleeing a war. Such a person may be called an 'asylum seeker' until recognized by the state where they make a claim.[1]..."
  • An asylum seeker :
    = "a person who, from fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, social group, or political opinion, has crossed an international frontier into a country in which he or she hopes to be granted refugee status.






  • Italian Immigrant Brings Gelato to Washington, DC - Text + Audio + Video - 13 August 2016
    "Gianluigi Delaccio learned how to make gelato in Italy and Germany. But he had a dream to bring the sweet treat to the United States.
    He opened his first gelato business in Washington, D.C. in 2006."


  • Immigrants Learn Nursing Skills as They Learn English - Text + Audio + Video - 13 August 2016
    "At a public school in Washington DC, immigrants are learning the skills and language they need to work as nurse aides.
    They get hands-on experience and study for a national exam to earn certification."


  • Kenyan Runners Find Place on US Olympic Team - Text + Audio - 26 July 2016
    "Three long-distance runners from Kenya qualified for the Olympics as members of Team USA.
    They became citizens through a program designed for immigrants who are also members of the U.S. military."

  • Sanctuary Movement Helps Immigrants at Risk - Text + Audio - 4 June 2016
    "For more than 30 years, American churches and synagogues have helped immigrants at risk of expulsion from the U.S.
    Now what is being called the “New Sanctuary Movement” is growing among religious groups."

  • One-Third of Innovators in US Are Immigrants - Text + Audio - 17 March 2016
    "Thirty-five percent of those responsible for some of the most important discoveries made in the US were born in other countries.
    But they are less than 14 percent of the population."

  • US Says It Will Deport Over 100 Illegal Immigrants - Text + Audio - 5 January 2016
    "More than 120 illegal immigrants have been arrested and detained by U.S. immigration officials in Texas,Georgia and North Carolina."

  • Mexican Immigration to US Lowest in 40 Years - Text + Audio - 19 December 2015
    "Mexican immigration into the United States has slowed.
    First, the U.S. economy has been slow to recover after the recession that began around 2009.
    Second, the U.S. is more strictly enforcing immigration laws at the border between the two countries."

  • Asian Immigrants to Overtake Hispanics - Text + Audio - 3 October 2015
    "A new study by the Pew Research Center says Asians will be the top immigrant group in the year 2065.
    Fifty years from now, there will be more Asian than Hispanic immigrants in the United States.
    And, they say, no race or ethnic group will have a majority in the country."

  • Study: Chicago 'Immigration' Rate Dropping - Text + Audio + Video - 13 July 2015
    "Few legal immigrants have moved to the country’s third-largest city in the past ten years.
    A technology company says it is having difficulty recruiting skilled workers.
    Cold and windy Chicago isn’t growing as fast as other large American cities, in part because it is not as attractive to immigrants."
  • Nigerian Immigrant Lives the American Dream - Text + Audio + Video - 28 June 2015
    "Lookman Afolayan Mashood came to the United States in 1996 and is now a U.S. citizen.
    About five years ago, he and his girlfriend, Natalie Goldberg, opened their own restaurant in Brooklyn.
    He says the American dream is still alive. And he says “there’s no food compared to Nigerian food.”

  • Exploring America’s Immigration Story - Text + Audio + Video - 27 May 2015
    "For years, the first stop for millions of immigrants to the United States was the Ellis Island immigration center in New York Harbor.
    A new museum exhibit tells about the people who entered the country before and after the center closed."

  • Migrants Arriving in Italy Find an 'Angel' - Text + Audio - 30 April 2015
    "Refugees fleeing violence in North Africa face a dangerous sea voyage as they try to reach the shores of Italy. Many die trying.
    But those who make it to the Italian island of Sicily, find a woman who wants to help. She is called the "Angel of the Migrants."
    Read on to find out about her mission."

  • Migrants Are Dying Trying to Reach Europe - Text + Audio - 25 April 2015
    "EU leaders met this week to discuss ways to stop criminals from putting the migrants on unsafe boats.
    Ships carrying migrants have sunk in the Mediterranean, killing hundreds.
    They are fleeing conflict and hardship in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia."

  • Illegal Immigrants Can Now Get a Driver’s License - Article - Audio - Video - 18 January 2015
    "People in the western state of California who are in the United States illegally can now request a driver’s license.
    More than a million people are expected to seek the special license.
    California is not the first American state with such a law, but it has the largest number of illegal immigrants."

  • Obama Orders Changes to US Immigration Policy - 21 November 2014 - Text + Audio + Video
    "Mr. Obama’s decision will affect the lives of five million people who have entered the United States without permission.
    He says the country’s immigration system has not been working for many years and needs immediate reform."

  • US, China: A Look at Immigration and Migration - Text + Audio
    "The U.S. and China have the two largest economies filled with opportunities and jobs.
    In 2013, a Pew study found that 45 million international migrants lived in the United States.
    Yet only “850,000 people living in China were born in other countries."

  • Coming Out As An 'Undocumented' Immigrant - Listen to the story.
    "At age 12, Jose Antonio Vargas was put on an airplane and sent to the United States to live with his grandparents.
    For four years, he lived in California without knowing he was here illegally..."


  • Congress to Focus on US Border Crisis - Text + Audio
    "Congress soon may vote on whether to approve funds requested by President Barack Obama to deal with a rise in immigrants from Central America. President Obama requested $3.7 billion in June to pay for increased border security and temporary housing centers."


  • Immigrants Told: 'This Land is Your Land, Too' - Text + audio
    "Officials tell immigrants to the United States that they are welcome."


  • Chinese and Mexican Americans Share the Immigrant Experience - Text + AUDIO
    "Among the largest immigrant groups are Mexicans and Chinese. They may have come to the country legally or without legal documents.
    The two ethnic groups come from very different places, but they share many similarities."



  • Peers examine Britishness
    "Peers have debated the nature of Britishness, and the issues of balancing multi-culturalism and integration while maintaining a national identity."