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(Updated on 10/11/2013)


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June is Immigrant Heritage Month in the United States, a celebration of our shared heritage as a nation of immigrants and a time to reflect on how immigrants boost our economy. While immigrants make up around 13 percent of the U.S. population, they play an outsize role in entrepreneurship and business formation relative to their overall numbers according to annual startup index data, which the Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation recently released..."

Celebrate June as Immigrant Heritage Month #ImmigrantHeritageMonth
"Watch this video to celebrate the diversity of immigrant heritage across America."




  • Migrants quizzed on English skills before benefits - 13 December 2013
    "Immigrants to the UK are being tested on their English skills before being able to claim income-related benefits under a new scheme.
    People are being asked what efforts they have made to find work before coming to Britain."

  • Can we see your documents please, Your Majesty... - 10 November 2013
    "Queen faces anti-terror checks every time she leaves UK...
    For the first time, Her Majesty will be compelled to give her full name, age, address, nationality, gender and place of birth to immigration officials, who will then check that she is not on a list of wanted terrorists."


  • 'Go home' vans: Liberty targets Home Office campaign - 6 August 2013
    "Vans with the slogan "Stirring up tension and division in the UK illegally? Home Office, think again" have been driven around London by civil rights campaign group Liberty.
    The organisation is using the vans in opposition to the government's "go home" immigration campaign vans.
    The Home Office adverts said: "Go home, or you'll be picked up and deported".
    The government said its campaign was "another part of the reforms... that have seen net migration drop"."



  • What happens if Britain's population hits 70m? - 19 April 2010
    "Since 1997, record levels of immigration have boosted our population by more than 2 million, accounting for half the total estimated rise
    in population of about 4 million.
    So is Britain getting full?"

  • Illegal workers prosecutions rise - 5 May 2008
    "There has been a dramatic increase in the number of employers being prosecuted for hiring illegal immigrants, the BBC has learned."





  • English rules tightened for immigrant partners - 9 June 2010
    "Ministers are bringing forward to the autumn measures requiring many immigrants marrying UK citizens to prove they have a command of English."


  • Rise in sham marriages to beat UK immigration laws - 7 January 2010
    "The number of suspected sham marriages by illegal immigrants has leapt by more than half in the past year."


  • Premier footballers will have to speak English - 7 May 2008
    Non-EU players face test under new migration rules

    "South American, African and other non-European footballers who cannot speak English will be barred from joining Premier League clubs from the autumn under the new points-based immigration system detailed by ministers yesterday.
    (The Guardian)
  • New immigration rules announced - 6 May 2008
    "Details of rules controlling the number of skilled migrants from outside the European Economic Area working in the UK are due to be revealed later."

  • Immigration points system begins - 29 February 2008
    "The government has launched the first stage of a new points-based system for migrants from outside the EU."
    + VIDEO : Skilled migrants on what they can bring to Britain




  • Immigrants Learn New Customs in New Lands - Text + Audio - 7 January 2017
    "Thousands of migrants from places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan entered Europe in 2016.
    Many of these people have trouble finding their place among this new and different cultures.
    VOA Learning English looks at some common situations visitors to the United States face and how to deal with them."

  • The Migrant Dead - interactive - 30 April 2015
    "We display an icon for every Europe-bound migrant who has died or disappeared since 2005, based on data from the Migrant Files.
    Click the icons to learn more about each incident."
  • The Mediterranean's migrant survivors - 23 April 2015
    "Thousands of people have lost their lives over the last two years making the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to find a new life in Europe. Here, two survivors who made it to the Sicilian port of Augusta describe why they made the difficult decision to leave their homes and families."



  • The Migrations Map - updated March 2007
    "is an interactive map that lets you see which countries people are moving to and from across the world.
    Here, for example, are the ten largest streams of immigrants into Australia.
    The UK contributes the largest share with over one million current residents of Australia.
    This map was made by Martin De Wulf, a computer scientist in Brussels."
    Where are migrants coming from ?
    Where have migrants left ?


  • Loving and Leaving Ireland: The Story of Annie Moore (




  • Cobh Museum "is situated overlooking Cork Harbour. 
    Formerly known as Queenstown, Cobh has a long association with emigration and was the last port of call for the Titanic.
    The exhibitions reflect the cultural, social and maritime history of Cobh and the Great Island."

    + Links to Local Attractions & Tours

  • El Paso’s National Border Patrol Museum - 15 April 2010
    "located just off of Transmountain Road on the northeast side of El Paso, Texas."

    "shoes that are used to throw off the Border Patrol
    by looking like cow hoof prints"