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Non-progressive verbs

Preterit simple / Present perfect

Past perfect

Irregular verbs




Lesson plans :


  • Minions: Present Perfect - a lesson
    "The Minions have been among humans for a long time. They have seen and done many things during their existence.
    Make a list of eight of those things..."




  • Jack and Jill: Have You Ever...? - Present Perfect - a lesson
    "Adam Sandler has ups and downs. He has an opportunity here to show his acting skills in the roles of twins, performing the scenes of both brother and sister.
    The movie itself isn't as good as it had promised to be. This scene, though, is great and really funny. My students had a great time."


  • Disneyland celebrates 50th birthday - a lesson plan - present perfect (
    - with "a news article, listening (MP3 file), communication activities, pair work, discussion, reading and vocabulary exercises."



Games :




Jokes :



Cartoons :


Cartoon: TV Judges
"This cartoon by Gary Barker from
The Sun relates to news that the
Government are to overturn a ban
on filming in courtrooms
in England and Wales."





Doomsday cartoons










Conversation questions :

  • Diaporama sur l'Irlande à projeter avec un vidéoprojecteur,
    les élèves devant interroger leurs camarades : Have you ever + PP ?
    - activité créée par Estelle Piron pour des élèves de 4ème, en parallèle avec une séquence du manuel SPRING.

  • For teachers : Games and Activities for the English as a Second Language Classroom - (
    see "Truth or Lie?" (Have you ever... ?)


Listening :

  • Snow and Wolves
    "Après plusieurs bulletins consacrés à la PREVISION météo, concentrons-nous sur le temps du bilan, le fameux HAVE + EN
    10-15 cm de neige en GB.
    ECOUTEZ  les conséquences."



  • I've never been - a poem
    "Good for stress and intonation patterns; author unknown"
    Listen to it.

  • Introductions (with exercises) : Haven't We Met Before? (Medium) - (




  • Present Perfect for life experiences ESL video
    "Learn to use the present perfect with Diana Funtana ESL Productions when Diana interviews news reporter and world traveler Adie Ventura about her fascinating travel experiences. Worksheets available at"



  • The Present perfect with Daniel Seddiqui.
    "Perhaps, you have seen this young man on TV. Read his intro and work on his unique experience." 50 jobs in 50 states.

    - a video with an activity : "Complete the paragraph by filling in the missing terms."
    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)





Idioms :



  • Never been to Athens
    "I've never been to Athens
    I've never been to Rome
    Never been anywhere that ever felt like home..."


    Alphanaut - "Never Been To Athens"
    The poem (a little different)

    "'I've never been to Athens and I've never been to Rome
    I've only seen the Pyramids in picture books at home
    I've never sailed across the sea or been inside a plane
    I've always spent my holidays in Brighton in the rain..."




SONGS : Present perfect simple - Present perfect continuous


- Present perfect simple :



  • Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet 
    "I've Broken My Heart So Many Times...
    I Just Haven't Met You Yet"

    - the VIDEO
  • Proud sung by Heather Small :
    "What have you done today to make you feel proud?
    It's never too late to try
    What have you done today to make you feel proud?
    You could be so many people
    If you make that break for freedom"


    - the VIDEO (


  • A girl like you by Edwyn Collins :
    "I've never known a girl like you before.."
    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Have you ever ? by Brandy :
    "Have you ever loved somebody so much
    It makes you cry
    Have you ever needed something so bad
    You can't sleep at night
    Have you ever tried to find the words..."
    The lyrics are under the video (YouTube)


  • Have You Ever by The Offspring - with activities to print (
  • "Have you ever....?"
    "Listen to the song ..., click the answers and see what score you got!"


  • I've seen it all. By Bjork
    "Listen to the song and pay particular attention to the verbs. Then fill the gaps."
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid (present perfect)



  • MARIA ('West Side Story') :
    "I've just met a girl named Maria...
    I've just kissed a girl named Maria"

  • My Way by FRANK SINATRA (
    preterit + present perfect
    "I've travelled each and every highway,
    And more, much more than this, I did it my way...
    Regrets, I've had a few,...
    I did what I had to do,
    And saw it thru without exemption..."

    - the VIDEO (YouTube)


  • Nothing Compares To You by Sinead O'Conner :
    " It's been seven hours and fifteen days
    Since you took your love away"

  • Seasons In The Sun by Westlife :
    "We've known each other since we were nine or ten
    Together we've climbed hills and trees...
    We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun
    But the wine and the song like the seasons have all gone"
  • Streets of London by Ralph McTell :
    "Have you seen the old man
    In the closed-down market
    Kicking up the paper, with his worn out shoes?...
    Have you seen the old girl
    Who walks the streets of London
    Dirt in her hair and her clothes in rags? "
  • That's The Impression That I Get by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones :
    "Have you ever been close to tragedy
    Or been close to folks who have
    Have you ever felt a pain so powerful
    So heavy you collapse
    I've never had to knock on wood..."
  • We are the champions by Queen :
    "I've paid my dues
    Time after time
    I've done my sentence
    But committed no crime
    And bad mistakes
    I've made a few
    I've had my share of sand
    Kicked in my face
    But I've come through..."
  • What Can I Do by The Corrs :
    "I haven't slept at all in days
    It's been so long since we've talked
    And I have been here many times..."

- Present perfect continuous :

  • The Lumineers - Ho Hey (YouTube) + LYRICS :
    "(Ho) I’ve been trying to do it right
    I’ve been living a lonely life
    (Ho) I’ve been sleeping here instead
    I’ve been sleeping in my bed..."


    The Lumineers - Ho Hey - with interactive activities


  • Too Long sung by Yael Naim (YouTube)
    - the LYRICS :
    "And I've been waiting on my own
    I've been waiting for too long
    Not strong enough to be with you
    And I've been making up my world
    I've been painting it with gold
    Not strong enough to see you"


  • Daydream by Lovin Spoonful :
    "I've been having a sweet dream
    I been dreaming since I woke up today"
  • I feel so embarrassed - the script - Download MP3 - intermediate (
    "frustrated / heartbroken / lonely / confident / furious / exhausted / excited / embarrassed / irritated / confused"
    "I’ve been fighting with my girlfriend again..."
  • I've Been Thinking About You by Mariah Carey :
    "We've known each other
    For a long long time...
    I've been around you
    A thousand times before
    And you've always been a friend to me...
    I've been thinking about you
    It's unbelievable to me"
  • In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins :
    "I've been waiting for this moment, all my life,
    Oh Lord..."
  • The Rasmus - In The Shadow - present perfect progressif :
    "I´ve been watching
    I've been waiting
    In the shadows
    For my time
    I´ve been searching
    I´ve been living
    For tomorrows
    All my life ..."

  • Exercices interactifs sur The Rasmus - chanson - travail sur le present perfect progressif
  • Miss You by The Rolling Stones :
    "I've been holding out so long
    I've been sleeping all alone
    Lord I miss you
    I've been hanging on the phone
    I've been sleeping all alone..."
  • My Brave Face by Paul McCartney :
    "I've Been Living In Style
    Unaccustomed As I Am
    To The Luxury Life.
    I've Been Hitting The Town
    And It Didn't Hit Back.
    I've Been Doing The Rounds
    Unaccustomed As I Am
    To The Time On My Hands..."

  • One Of These Nights by The Eagles :
    "Between the dark and the light...
    I've been searching for the daughter
    Of the devil himself
    I've been searching for an angel in white
    I've been waiting for a woman who's a little
    Of both...
    In between the wrong and the right"
  • Running on Faith by Eric Clapton :
    "Lately I've been talking in my sleep..."