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  • See Water cycle

    "A short film about man's misunderstanding and mixed relationship with mother nature"








  • The Global Water Crisis - A short introduction
    "Isn't it amazing that it takes 24'000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of chocolate?
    In this video we present some interesting facts about Water Scarcity and hopefully encourage you to do something about it."



  • Book Pages Could Provide Safe Drinking Water for Millions - VIDEO - 6 September 2015
    "The expression "a thirst for knowledge" may soon have a new meaning for millions of people who have no way to get clean water.
    Researchers have developed a book with specially treated pages that can make water safe to drink."


  • Israel Helps California Deal with Water Shortages - VIDEO - 27 July 2015
    "The U.S. state has been suffering from severe drought for the past four years. Israel has dealt with water shortages for many years.
    It says California must learn to treat water as a resource - like natural gas and oil."


  • California Limits Water Use Because of Dry Weather - Text + Audio + Video - 9 April 2015
    "Governor Jerry Brown is ordering Californians to reduce their water use by 25 percent.
    Some communities are developing new measures to control water use.
    Golf courses and other major water users will face new restrictions.
    California homeowners are being paid to remove grass from their property."


  • World Water Day Twitter Challenge - VIDEO
    "Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water."
    + TRANSCRIPT + MORE RESOURCES + Related articles 


  • The world water crisis
    "World Water Day takes place every year on March 22nd. How much do you know about the water you drink and use every day?
    Watch this video and learn about the world water crisis."

    + Interactive activities + Worksheets + Transcript


  • Rain Dance - "Tap water is irreplaceable."
    A spot created by Leo Burnett Brussels for the Wallone water society.



  • Water Planet (Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio) - (YouTube) + Script de la video (





From the film : "Waterworld" (1995)