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  • Real-life superhero "is a term applied to real-world people who dress and/or act like comic book superheroes. Sometimes, this label is bestowed upon them by those whom they have helped or the media, while at other times, the aspi nachos ring superheroes apply the label to themselves. Sometimes, the term is applied to firefighters, police officers, and other good samaritans..."


  • 8 Real & Fictional Addresses of Superheroes in New York City (

    "A favorite at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival, Superheroes is a look inside the zany world of Real Life Superheroes (RLSH) – a national phenomenon comprised of hundreds of men and women who have superhero alter-egos.
    The 82-minute film delves into what inspires real life superheroes to patrol city streets with the goal of deterring violent crime and, if necessary, taking the law into their own hands..."


    SEE SUPERHEROES - the trailer
  • Real Life NYC ‘Superheroes’ Take Matters Into Their Own Hands - Article + Video  - May 9, 2013
    "Members of the New York Superheroes go by names like “Snipe,” “Spyder,” “Dark Guardian,” and “Spector,” names 
    that could have been pulled straight from the pages of a comic book, and they take their commitment to doing good very seriously..." 

  • Ground Zero's comic book heroes - 17 October, 2001
    "Some of America's top comic book artists have contributed their talents to Heroes, a special poster book honouring the real-life heroes of the World Trade Center attacks."

  • The best arrest ever, starring Spider-man, Jedi and the Flash
    "IT SOUNDS like a crazy comic book splot: Spider-man foils a robbery as Jedi knights block the would-be thief's escape and the Flash watches on.
    This was just what happened on Saturday morning when a business owner dressed as Spider-man stopped a man from stealing a comic book worth $160...
    International Free Comic Day is held around the world on the first Saturday of May.
    In Adelaide, two businesses, the Adelaide Comic Centre and Pulp Fiction Comics, encouraged customers to dress as comic heroes and handed out free comics to mark the occasion. "


    Spider-Man foils comic book thief in Australia
    "A comic book shop owner in Australia became a real-life superhero when he caught a robber red-handed."

  • Real Life Superheroes in the news
    "WPIX 10 o'clock news did a story on Real Life Superheroes.
    Featuring real life superheroes Dark Guardian, Life, and Phantom Zero.
    Real Life Superheroes fight crime and help those in need..."


  • Attention Real life Superheroes (YouTube)