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  • Political Cartoons: Exploring Serious Subjects in Fun Way - Text + Audio + Pictures + Video - 16 December 2018
    "U.S. political cartoons date back to the mid-1700s. Yet even today, they remain an important part of American culture.
    They also represent the nation’s constitutional right to a free press."




  • The funniest superheroes
    "While superheroes have taken over the biggest movie blockbusters, they still appear in comic books regularly. If you read superhero comics as a kid, but gave them up later, you might be interested in coming back to the fold ...if only they weren't so serious and full of doom and gloom. Here's a tip: they aren't. Comic book writers have been incorporating more and more comedy into their superheroes over the years. Some heroes are known for their comedy, while others are just funny enough to lighten the mood in a dark story. And they go way beyond Deadpool and Spider-Man, to include classic characters  that haven't yet made the big time, new superheroes with a sense of humor, and familiar faces with a funny side you never saw before. They put the "comic" back in comic books! The Daily Dot has a rundown of 13 superheroes with a humorous side, and a guide to begin enjoying them."







  • Five comics to make you clever - 24 January 2014
    "The British Library has announced a new exhibition of the graphic artform, rethinking it as a research tool. BBC Culture rounds up five smart publications."




  • COMICS - lots of links (
  • Lambiek has a huge selection of old and new comics in many languages (





  • Humour: Online Cartoon Strips (





      Left 4 Dead presents The Sacrifice - Read online or Download PDF
      "The comic is illustrated by Mike Oeming, the artist behind the Powers comic series, and tells the stories of the original four survivors, as well as the events leading up to the infection. The comic begins with Bill, having just sacrificed himself to save the others, taking on three tanks while severely wounded.
      It then cuts to the finale of Blood Harvest, which is revealed to be one week earlier..."




    • The Pit and The Pendulum by Edgar Poe   - a comic book
      Listen in audio here.

    • Marvel Comics "adapted Dick's short story "The Electric Ant" as a limited series which was released in 2009..."
      "Garson Poole wakes up after a flying-car-crash to find that he has lost a hand. He then finds out that he is in fact an 'electric ant' - an organic robot. He further finds out that what he believes is his subjective reality is in fact being fed from a micro-punched tape in his chest cavity. 
      He experiments on this tape by adding new holes, which adds things to his reality..."


      Dick said of the story:

      "Again the theme: How much of what we call "reality" is actually out there or rather within our own head? The ending of this story has always frightened me... image of the rushing wind, the sound of emptiness. As if the character hears the final fate of the world itself."








    • Twisted Fairy Tale : Sleeping Beauty - a comic strip (

    • The Little Mermaid - a strip cartoon (
      - permet de travailler : "If only I could" " I wish I were.."

    • Ozy and Millie (

      Ozy and Millie - "a webcomic, created by D. C. Simpson...
      It follows the adventures of assorted anthropomorphized animals...
      The comic centers on Ozy and Millie, two young foxes attending North Harbordale Elementary School in Seattle, contending with everyday elementary school issues such as tests and bullies, as well as more surreal situations...
      The strip usually concentrates on character interaction, but occasionally veers into political commentary. "


    • Zana and Max: the £200,000 comic book Eurocrats saving the world - 20 February 2010
      "A comic book featuring the adventures of two fictional European Commission bureaucrats is being sent to homes and schools
      (in the UK and across the Continent) at a cost of £200,000 to the taxpayer."


    • Lackadaisy (








    • Marvel Zombie
      "In the world of comics, a Marvel Zombie is a person solely devoted to the comic book publishing company Marvel Comics. 
      They live and breath Marvel and its characters with a glossy glaze to their eyes and the only thing they crave is a Marvel comic. 
      Other comics mean nothing to them, and only the likes of Spidey, Cap, The X-Men, and more will satisfy their thirst..."


    • The Zombie (Simon William Garth"is a fictional supernatural character in the Marvel Comics universe, who starred in the black-and-white, horror-comic magazine series Tales of the Zombie (1973–1975) in stories mostly by Steve Gerber and Pablo Marcos."