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  • Video Games Used as Learning Tools in Schools - Text + Audio + Pictures + Quiz - 22 January 2019
    "Technology has already created many new educational tools to help teachers improve learning in the classroom.
    One method uses video gaming elements to get students more interested and involved in the subjects they learn."


  • Which video games will be big in 2019? - with a video - 20 December 2018
    "BBC Click Marc Cieslak looks at The Last of Us 2, Anthem, Far Cry: New Dawn and Wizards Unite."


  • Best games of 2018 | Our guide to the top titles of the year so far - with pictures - 14 September 2018
    "The first half of 2018 has provided players with another formidable line-up of top games,
    packed with monster hunting hijinks, earnest indie love stories and god-thumping blockbusters.
    That is if you can tear yourself away from Fortnite, of course.
    We will be keeping an evolving list of the best games for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC and mobile across the year
    -- with many of the best new and upcoming games sure to make the grade
    -- so check back regularly for updates and let us know in the comments if any of your favourites demand inclusion.

  • The top 10 video games of 2017 - From Mario to the mighty Zelda - with pictures
    "Mario ran amok in New Donk City, a cat dropped out of college, and Angel Carter haunted What Remains of Edith Finch.
    But it was the mighty Zelda who took video gaming – and cooking – to a new dimension."



  • E3 2017: Microsoft unveils Xbox One X - Article + Pictures + Videos - 12 June 2017
    "Microsoft has unveiled the latest games console in its line-up, a more powerful version of the Xbox One called the Xbox One X.
    The tech giant touted the machine's specs, including its ability to run games in 4K ultra-HD, ahead of the E3 games show in Los Angeles.
    To be released on 7 November, the Xbox One X will cost $499, or £449 in the UK."

    - Video: WATCH: First look at the Xbox One X
    - Video: WATCH: Xbox in one minute
    - Video: WATCH: Where's the VR on Xbox One X?

  • The History of Online Games - an interactive timeline
    "From dial-up bulletin boards to augmented reality headsets, online gaming has leveled up a lot since the 1970s.
    These advances wouldn’t have been possible without hardware breakthroughs and the evolution of the internet itself.
    Let’s take a look at the big picture to find out where online games started -- and where they’re going next.
    Use your arrow keys or mousewheel to navigate."




  • Surprising Realities Of South Korea's Gaming Crazy Culture - 7 August 2016
    "No country on the planet takes gaming as seriously as South Korea, where video game addiction has become so bad the government was forced to institute gaming laws to save the lives of their young gamers..."

  • 5 Surprising Realities of South Korea's Intense Gaming Culture - 25 July 2016
    "he technologically advanced South Koreans have avoided Western temptations like cheeseburgers and crack, but the populace is facing a unique problem: rampant gaming addiction. But that may just be the side effect of a fantastical new gaming culture that reveres virtual athletes as gods."


  • The 25 hardest video games of all time - 18 March 2016
    "From the darkest corners of gaming history, here are the shooters, platformers and beat-’em-ups that took no prisoners."



  • Video games in 2012: year in review 
    "Reality bit the gaming industry this year. Until recently it thought itself recession proof, but continuing studio closures and job cuts across the world destroyed that myth of invincibility."

  • Robots and Avatars – our colleagues and playmates of the future.
    "Led and conceived by body>data>space, this innovative project explores how young people will work and play with new representational
    forms of themselves and others in virtual and physical life in the next 10-15 years.
    It examines multi-identity evolutions of today’s younger generations within the context of a world in which virtual and physical spaces
    are increasingly blended..."

  • "If you love MMORPGs, particularly WOW and Starcraft, then you’d most certainly have a great time at China’s counterfeit theme park based around the epic Blizzard videogames."




  • Millions spent on casual gaming
    "British gamers spent £280m playing online casual games in 2009 says the UK National Gamers Survey Report.
    Similar studies carried out in other countries revealed that French players spent £220m and Germans £440m over the same period."


F.P.S. = First Person Shooter
"is a video game genre which centers the gameplay around gun- and projectile weapon-based combat through the first person perspective; i.e., the player experiences the action through the eyes of a protagonist."



  • Video game success may be in the mind, study finds
    "If you find video games a struggle, it could be to do with the size of certain parts of your brain, a study suggests...
    No matter what your brain size is, it's what you do with it that counts. Just remember the hare and the tortoise." "


  • Serious gaming
    "A serious game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment.
    The "serious" adjective is generally appended to refer to products used by industries like defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, religion, and politics...
    These games have an explicit and carefully thought-out educational purpose."

    See Edutainment and Game based learning

  • ENGAGE Learning Portal Launch
    "ENGAGE is a European Network for GrowingActivity in Game-based learning in Education."

  • Teens and Computer Games
    Read the paragraph - middle of the page
    "Most games still provide the player with consequences to their actions...
    The gamer will often begin to think morally about the situations when they take on the mantle of a particular character.
    Furthermore, many games present teens with a positive influence."



  • Web worlds 'useful' for children
    "Virtual worlds can be valuable places where children rehearse what they will do in real life, reveals research...
    Virtual worlds can be a powerful, engaging and interactive alternative to more passive media."

    Explorer-investigators / Self-stampers / Social climbers / Fighters / Collector consumers / Power users / Nurturers / Life system builders





  • Video games: the next generation
    "The video games industry is obsessed with the phrase "next generation", but what does it actually mean?
    What can gamers expect from any game given that name?"

    - with Clips from video games of the future


  • Games making waves at E3
    "Games ranging from fantasy adventures to intense shooters have been tempting fans at the E3 games expo in Los Angeles."
    HALO 3 (XBOX 360)