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  • See Food pyramids

  • Scientists Say New Diet May Save Planet - Text + Audio + Quiz - 4 February 2019
    "Scientists have created what they say is the best diet for humans and for the planet.
    If the world follows it, they say, we just might survive."


  • California Judge Rules Coffee Needs Cancer Warning - Text + Audio - 30 March 2018
    "A judge has ruled that coffee sellers in California must warn people that coffee may contain a substance linked to cancer."

  • What are the Healthiest Diets in the World? - Text + Audio + Pictures + Quiz - 26 March 2018
    "We are what we eat. That is an old expression, but one worth knowing. A recent look at diets around the world shows that people who eat healthy food
    -- and not too much of it -- live longer."

  • Group Helps US Children Learn About Healthy Foods - Text + Audio + Video - 30 May 2015
    "In its fifth year, FoodCorps puts more than 180 young Americans into 500 schools across the United States, where they focus on teaching students about nutrition, engaging them with hands-on activities, and improving their access to healthy foods whether in the cafeteria or the greater community."





    • De jeunes Américains obèses à Reedley en Californie le 19 octobre 2009  (

    • Obesity - Published August 26, 2011
      "This four-part Series critically examines what we know about the global obesity pandemic: its drivers, its economic and health burden,
      the physiology behind weight control and maintenance, and what science tells us about the kind of actions that are needed to change our obesogenic environment and reverse the current tsunami of risk factors for chronic diseases in future generations..."


    • Half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2030, report says - August 26, 2011
      "unless the government makes changing the food environment a policy priority, according to a report released Thursday on the international obesity crisis in the British medical journal the Lancet."








  • The vicious diet cycle



    • Food security
      1 Food security in the United States 1.1 Community food security 1.2 Food insecurity
      2 Stunting and chronic nutritional deficiencies
      3 Global water crisis
      4 Land degradation
      5 Climate change
      5.1 Agriculture 5.2 Children
      6 Wheat stem rust
      7 Infectious diseases
      8 Dictatorship and kleptocracy
      9 Economic approaches
      9.1 Westernized view 9.2 Food justice 9.3 Food sovereignty
      10 World Food Summit
      11 Achieving food security
      11.1 The agriculture-hunger-poverty nexus 11.2 Biotechnology for smallholders in the (sub)tropics
      12 Risks to food security
      12.1 Fossil fuel dependence
      12.2 Genetic erosion in agricultural and livestock biodiversity
      12.3 Threats from conventional hybridization for higher yield, genetic engineering and the resulting loss of biodiversity
      12.4 Price setting...