(Updated on 16/09/2016)



  • Food in Britain 1
    "What do people eat in the UK? Do these exercises and learn words for some common foods in Britain."


  • Street Food Safety - a quiz

  • Fish and Chips (Passive)
    1. First, click on the picture, watch the presentation.
    2. Now, click on "Start now" and take the listening quiz.

    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)



  • Donuts
    "Watch the slideshow and play the game (Rags to Riches)..."
    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)

    National Doughnut Day  "is on the first Friday of June each year, succeeding the Doughnut Day event created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the men and women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.[1]The holiday celebrates the doughnut (a.k.a. "donut") – an edible, torus-shaped piece of dough  which is deep-fried and sweetened. Many American doughnut stores offer free doughnuts on National Doughnut Day."
    See List of food days






  • English tea. - "Here are 7 pages of activities about tea.
    First watch the video , then do the exercises. Enjoy the 2 songs , the 2 recordings and a second video."

    Created by Renée Maufroid. (Ac. Lille)


  • Pizza Toppings.
    "Here are 8 pages about Pizza. Listen to native speakers, watch a video, learn a song, read menus and play games."
    Created by Renée Maufroid.


  • Give advice - PowerPoint Presentation
    Theme : FOOD
    + should + shouldn't + too + too much + too many
    Prévu pour une classe de 5ème.
    Sent by Miriam Mascaras (Ac. Martinique)



  • Sweets and goodies
    "How much do you know about American and English sweets and goodies?
    Look at the video and learn the words."

    Matching - Flashcards (Java / non-Java) - Concentration - Word Search
    + a list of terms used in these activities.
    Activity created by: Renée Maufroid


  • My Food Guide
    "is an interactive tool that will help you personalize the information found in Canada's Food Guide.
    By entering personal information, such as age and sex, selecting various items from the four food groups and choosing different types of physical activities, you can create a tool that is customized just for you..."
    - with a Guided Tour

  • Countable - Uncountable : interactive activities
    Contents : Likes and Dislikes
    Type of activity: Individual, Matching, Filling gaps, Right, Wrong



  • Food - des exercices interactifs proposés par Renée Maufroid, en particulier : "Food to sort out"
  • FOOD - Matching exercise (with animated pictures)

  • Interactive picture dictionary - Vegetables
    "Move your mouse around the screen to learn new vocabulary. Click on "test" when you are ready to check your knowledge."
    (Parapal Online)
  • Cooking - "Match the food on the right with the actions on the left." (isabelperez)

  • Cooking (intermediate level) - "Match the words with the proper meaning" (
  • Meat (English - French) - interactive (iteslj)

  • How do people eat ? - an interactive quiz (

  • Food in the USA - What can you order in the following fast food restaurants ? (Ac. Caen)
    " Match the items on the right with the items on the left."



  • Food and meals (intermediate level) - TRUE OR FALSE? (
  • Pub food - exercise with nicephotos and questions in French (skyblues67)

  • Talk at the table - "Find the correct endings to the phrases." (

  • North Vs South (absolutenglish-972)
    "Take a look at the picture
    Identify : - the type of document - the main characters - the main subject.
    Compare the characters, then the situation.
    Do the exercises on the comparative and superlative forms."