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  • Food - Les mots s'affichent quand on passe la souris sur les images. - avec son (languageguide)


  • Can You Name Four of the Healthiest, Tastiest Spices? - Text + Audio - 2 May 2016
    "Spices and herbs bring flavor to our meals. Every country uses spices to make cooking distinct. Centuries ago, some spices were quite valuable. They were used to trade throughout the world. These days, most spices are priced so most people can afford them, and they are easy to find in stores"



  • Raising a Glass for National Beer Day - Text + Audio + Video - 7 April 2016
    "People might think the United States is filled with beer drinkers. But that was not always true. For 13 years, the U.S. Constitution barred the manufacture, sale or transport of alcoholic drinks, but that changed on April 7, 1933. That is why April 7 is now called National Beer Day."

  • Apps for Healthy Food Choices - Test + Audio - 6 January 2016
    "Most people agree that eating healthy food is important. But sometimes making good food choices can be tough.
    Now, there are apps that can help people learn about the food they eat to improve their diets and their dining out experience."


  • Six Foods That Changed the World - Text + Audio - 6 December 2015
    "For many years a few crops have fed the majority of the world’s population. They have also changed human history.
    War, slavery, and religion all have surprising links to these everyday foods.
    In Cambodia, a ceremony is held to drive away evil spirits from the essential rice crop."


  • Ordering food in a café
    "Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills."


  • Eating out
    "Listen carefully to the conversation in a restaurant and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills."


  • Will Ethiopia's Teff Be the Next Super Grain? - Text + Audio - 5 November 2015
    "High in protein and calcium, the seed, or grain is called teff.
    Ethiopians have been growing teff for thousands of years and it may become the new “super grain” of choice growing in popularity in North America."

  • Worldwide Groups Mark World Food Day - Text + Audio - 16 October 2015
    "The United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization marked October 16 as World Food Day.
    FAO celebrated its 70th anniversary at Expo Milano 2015 with a ceremony and pledges to end hunger around the world by 2030.
    Table for Two is also raising money to help feed the hungry."

  • Why Do People Waste So Much Food? - Text + Audio - 26 September 2015
    "Up to half of the food the world produces is never eaten. It is instead thrown away. Experts say food is wasted in both rich and poor countries,
    but for different reasons. In poor countries, food is lost during production; in places like the US, nearly half of purchased food is thrown away."


  • A Mix of Food and Guns at Shooter’s Grill - Text + Audio + Video - 17 August 2015
    "Workers at a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, carry loaded guns, and so do some of the people who eat there.
    People come to see the restaurant from around the world, and eat “Shotgun Burritos” and “Locked and Loaded Nachos.”
    VOA visited Shooter’s Grill, and got mixed opinions about its gun policy." 



  • Bus Brings Meals to Hungry Children During Summer Break - Text + Audio + Video - 27 July 2015
    "In the United States, millions of students depend on schools for meals during the school day.
    That means they eat less when schools are closed over the summer.
    An aid group has found a way to reach out to some of these children with a former school bus."


  • Eat Nuts to Stay Healthy - Text + Audio + Quiz - 20 July 2015
    "Recently researchers in the Netherlands have found that you do not need to eat many nuts to get all the health benefits.
    Also, not all nuts have the same nutrients. This article features some of the more popular nuts in the American diet."


  • In-Store Training on Healthy Food Choices - Text + Audio + Video - 18 July 2015
    "Many poor families buy processed foods because they seem to cost less than fresh vegetables, fruits and whole wheat products.
    But a national group, Share Our Strength, is showing families that they can buy healthy foods for about the same amount of money as manufactured foods."


  • Group Helps US Children Learn About Healthy Foods - Text + Audio + Video - 30 May 2015
    "In its fifth year, FoodCorps puts more than 180 young Americans into 500 schools across the United States, where they focus on teaching students about nutrition, engaging them with hands-on activities, and improving their access to healthy foods whether in the cafeteria or the greater community."


  • Bugs Are the New Food - Text + Audio - 20 May 2015
    "Caterpillars in Tanzania, grasshoppers in Mexico, water bugs in Thailand - the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization says
    insects are a normal part of the diet of "at least two billion people" around world.
    Now, Americans are developing an interest in food made from crickets."



  • Foods Important to Easter, Passover and the Spring - Text + Audio - 3 April 2015
    "This weekend there are two traditional celebrations that American Christians and Jews celebrate every spring.
    You will see flat breads and chocolate rabbits in the stores. Other countries celebrate spring with roast lamb and a special table of foods."

  • Americans Eating More 'Fast Casual,' Less Fast Food - Article + Audio - 14 February 2015
    "There is a growing trend in America towards more healthy food. People are visiting more “fast casual” restaurants and less fast food ones. Meanwhile, McDonalds earnings continue to decline. Observers say Americans want more choices and fresh food
    when choosing where and what to eat."



  • People Use Too Much Salt - Text + Audio
    "An estimated 1.65 million people die every year from overuse of sodium.
    The study noted that 40 percent of those deaths happen in people younger than age 70.
    The great majority of early deaths happened among people from non-wealthy countries."



  • Diners Increase Business with Healthy Food - Text + Audio + Video
    "Restaurants called “diners” can be found throughout the United States. They make simple, low-cost food.
    But traditional diner food is often unhealthy. One group of diners is cooking healthier food for their customers and, surprisingly, they love it."



  • More Soda Leads to Aggressive Behavior in Children - Text + audio
    "Many people enjoy a nice, cold soft drink on a hot day. But a new study finds that drinking too many soft drinks may increase aggressive behavior in children"



  • Chocolate: The 'Food of the Gods' - Text + audio
    "Also, American scientists study possible health effects of chocolate and Dutch study finds dark chocolate helps protect against heart disease."

  • The Great British Menu: Fish & Chips: Listening Comprehension

  • GMO - Quiz - with 6 audio segments

  • ** Robert : food in New York City ** par  Robert (New York City, USA) - 28 mai 2011
    Robert, who is from New York City, tell us about what he eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • ** Sally : what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner  ** par  Sally (Manchester, England) - 28 mai 2011
    Sally, an English girl from Manchester tell us about what she eats and about her favourite dessert.

  • ** Jennifer : typical breakfast in Great Britain ** par  Jennifer (Scotland) - 28 mai 2011
    Jennifer, a Scottish girl, tells us about a typical Sunday breakfast in Great-Britain.

  • What time do the English have their meals ? by  Mary (B&B owner in France)
    Mary explains what time the English usually have breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • The typical English breakfast by Mary (B&B owner in France)
    Mary explains what the typical English breakfast consists of.


  • Hamburgers by Brigitte (an American woman living in France)
    Brigitte explains what a real hamburger is for her : it has nothing to do with Mc Donald's!


  • American hamburgers by Paul (Michigan, USA)
    Paul tells us what a real American hamburger is...and it has nothing to do with Mc Donald's, according to him.


  • Fichiers audios sur le thème de la nourriture par Elisa Gy (Ac. Versailles)
    "Audio Lingua propose des enregistrements authentiques autour de la nourriture." 
    Vous trouverez une sélection, classée par thèmes :

    - Nourriture typique des pays anglophones
    - Recettes typiques
    - Nourriture et fêtes calendaires
    - Opinions et habitudes alimentaires

  • Insight Plus - Part 17 - GM Food
    "GM, or genetically modified, food is so hotly debated that it's hard to imagine a time when GM crops weren't controversial.
    Find out how the attitudes to GM food have changed over time - and why."

    + script


  • Dieting
    "Today Doug and Jackie talk about going on a diet. Many people go on a diet to try to lose weight.
    One type of diet that became popular a few years ago was the 'low-carb' diet - what does that mean?"

    + the script


  • British breakfasts - with the script and vocabulary (BBC)
    "In this edition, we sit down to a traditional British breakfast in a smart London restaurant and then, an ordinary café!
    We find out what the great British breakfast is made of, and why it is becoming more and more popular, especially in London, to eat breakfast in a café before arriving at the office for a hard day's work!"


  • Everyday English in Conversation - Listening
    Eating / Emotions / Fashion / Friendship / Health / Housing / Life / Memory / Money /
    Romance / Shopping / Time / Traveling / Vacation / Weather / Work
    (Focus English)

  • What life is like here in England - Listening Lesson (
    "We all have an image of other nationalities and for the British it is very traditional with London and pubs.
    Are British people as traditional as we all think? What do they do for lunch on Sunday?
    Find out by doing these four exercises..."

  • Technotown Restaurant - with AUDIO
    Reconnaissance des chiffres et des plats


  • Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio.
    As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!

    Breakfast Order
  • Task Town is for students who want to participate with the audio.
    As you listen you need to make choices or interact with the audio. Have Fun!

    Favorite Foods

  • Fruit Game (
    "Listen as Todd decribes some fruit. Click on the fruit you hear. You can read the transcript at the end."

  • Daily Diet (advanced) - (
    "You hear about a daily diet and you need to click on the right picture."

  • Food - Listen to the pronunciation (
  • Seafood - Click to hear the words (cassandra.sprex)
  • Vegetables - Click to hear the words (cassandra.sprex)
  • Fruit - Click to hear the words (cassandra.sprex)
  • Meals - Click to hear the words (cassandra.sprex)
  • Drinks - Click to hear the words (cassandra.sprex)
  • Eating Out - Listen to the pronunciation (
  • Breakfast (with SOUND)
    - using simple present + "usually" - Click on STORIES / LEVEL 2

  • Dictation Tests - "Improve your listening skills and your spelling." (Elementary or Intermediate) : Adjectives / Buildings / Food / Irregular verbs / Education


  • Food and Dining Out (with exercises) - (esl-lab) :
    - Ordering at a Restaurant (E)
    - Heavenly Pies Restaurant (E)
    - Snack Time! (E)
    - Pizza Delivery (M)
  • Eating out (BBC)
    Listen 1: Going out to a restaurant
    Listen 2: Ordering a meal
    Read 1: Eating out in Brick Lane in east London
    Speak 1: Word stress when talking about food
  • Sketch, issu de l'épisode 25 de la deuxième saison du 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' :
    script + extraits audio




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