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Earth Day Pollution
Global warming Recycling




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Webquests :


  • EARTH PROBLEMS - a webquest
    I. Air Pollution - II. Energy Depletion - III. Overflowing Landfills - IV. Rain Forest Destruction - V. Vanishing Species -
    VI. Water Pollution

  • Recycle City (



  • My Planet - an interactive game
    "Do you know how many gallons of water it takes to wash a load of laundry? Does your family compost garbage?
    Do you take a bike to school, or do you car pool? The smallest changes in your daily life can make a big impact on keeping our planet healthy.
    Learn tips while playing My Planet! It’s simple, exciting, and informative, too."



  • Vegetation regions - interactive game of the week
    "Play by associating words with images."

  • Environmental Intelligence Unit - interactive game
    "This site explores issues of sustainability and environmentalism...
    Are You Eco Friendly?
    Join the futuristic Environmental Intelligence Unit and help protect the environment! Tackle a series of interactive missions to learn about saving energy, reducing waste and recycling litter."
    Eco Friendly - State of the World - Traffic - Rubbish - Pollution - 3Rs
    Island Mission Selection - Mission 1 - Mission 2 - Mission 3 - Mission 4


  • Energy Hog - advanced (
    - with Interactive Games and a Scavenger Hunt


  • Dumptown - a game
    "Click on City Hall to go to the Control Center.
    See how Dumptown changes as waste reduction programs are put in place."


  • Environmental Rescue - an interactive game about fishing (
    "Turn a polluted pond into a paradise by building complete sentences."


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Poems :

  • MAN vs EARTH by Prince Ea
    "Who Do You Think Will Win?"


Posters / Adverts :

  • see Posters (Pollution)

  • The best adverts to save the planet - a slideshow
    - "a striking collection of adverts that focus on environmental and social issues: from deforestation to recycling and conserving water to climate change."



Cartoons :

It's obviously non-urgent
(Guardian Unlimited)


Funny signs


Stories :

  • see Lesson plans

  • Inside Stories "is a collection of interactive stories that focus on the intersection of human health and the environment.
    These stories are based on real-life problems that involve the effect of our environment on our health.
    Throughout the story, students will encounter information that explores the science behind the key health questions in the story.
    Students must analyze this information and then use it to answer the open-ended question that completes each story.




Movies :

  • The 11th Hour
    English - Health - Math - Science - Technology - Social Studies

  • FLASH Animations with worksheets (prof.danglais) :
    Environment - Science / Tech - Around the world - History - Space Exploration - Renewables - Just for fun

Conversation questions :

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Holds Auction Gala in Saint-Tropez - 21 July 2015
    "The foundation, which the star set up in 1998, is engaged in more than 70 projects across the globe, including the Elephant Crisis Fund and The Solutions Project to accelerate the transition to renewable energies."


    'This is humankind's greatest challenge': Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, makes generous $15 million donation to environmental causes 
    - Article + Videos - 14 July 2015
    "The millions in grants will support organizations including efforts to preserve the Earth's delicate ocean ecosystems and those working to protect the endangered gorillas in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo."


    • The star's donations go to Oceans 5 and Amazon Watch, among others
    • In September he spoke at the United Nations summit on climate change 
    • In 2013, DiCaprio's foundation gave $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund